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How much would the luxurious engagement ring Carlos Rivera gave Cynthia Rodríguez cost?

Cynthia was happy (Photo: Come Joy)

Though Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez They decided to take a break from public life a few months ago and undertook a vacation around the world, after their recent reappearance, the couple once again shocked the public after announcing that during their absence they were united in marriage.

It was last Thursday when the now former host of come the joy returned to the morning Aztec TV to give some important news, among them: deny that she was pregnantannounce her departure from the program and tell her classmates that she was already married.

So with a huge luxurious ringthe former member of The academy She was very moved by the new stage she is experiencing and did not hesitate to show off the jewel before the television cameras.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that he was seen with the ring, because during the vacations he had with the native of Tlaxcala, an image began to circulate where the two famous received the blessing of Pope Francis in the Vatican and there it was appreciated that Cynthia wore the jewel in his left ring finger.

Faced with this situation, the entertainment journalist Shanik Berman He did not remain with his arms crossed and recently announced from his account Instagram that Cynthia Rodríguez’s ring was not only pretty, but it exceeded one million pesos.

Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera had a luxurious vacation where they visited Egypt, Athens and Turkey (Photo: Instagram / @_ carlosrivera @cynoficial
Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera had a luxurious vacation where they visited Egypt, Athens and Turkey (Photo: Instagram / @_ carlosrivera @cynoficial

“The engagement ring Carlos Rivera gave Cynthia Rodríguez weighs three carats, It is an impressive diamond ring”, he is heard saying in the audiovisual.

Similarly, the price of the jewel would be an estimate of 55 thousand euros, which is equivalent to 1 million 118 thousand 731 Mexican pesos (as of August 13, 2022).

“Here she also shows her wedding ring,” said Berman in the description of her publication and emphasized some photos where the driver was seen smiling and showing her hand.

So far, none of the newlyweds has given no statement regarding the approximate cost of the ring, however, Both have been more in love than ever before their fans.

How Cynthia broke the news of her wedding

Since 8:55 a.m. last Thursday, the forum of come the joy He looked expectant at the return of one of his most beloved drivers. Thus, after several moments of suspense, the 38-year-old artist finally appeared on the forum and cleared all the rumors that had been following her for a while.

Did you get married?” asked Horacio Villalobos and with a big smile on her face, the former academic answered “Yes”. unleashing the euphoria of the drivers.

I am happy, we are living the best stage of our lives. I am really very happy, what can I tell you, I believe that there are things that cannot be hidden and I believe that love and happiness belong to those things.

Faced with this long-awaited news that was finally confirmed, The driver was questioned about how Carlos Rivera proposed to herbut he preferred not to delve into details and only share the happiness he feels for marrying “the love of his life”.

“You know that we are very discreet, that we have always handled this situation, this personal part, much more private and well, there are details that are obviously going to stay that way, but I had to come to tell it here at my house, in come the joy with the public that wrote me so much that he gave me so much love, “he added.


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