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Friday, October 7, 2022

How much Tatiana’s presentations cost is filtered and criticism rains down on her

  • They exhibit the ‘expensive’ amount of cobra Tatiana
  • They call it a “career”
  • Reveal details of the animation packages offered

Her name has positioned itself in a trend these days, and not precisely because of her role as the main host of Master Chef Celebrity, but because of the impact that the peculiar prices that the entertainer charges for a private show caused on social networks. How much Tatiana’s presentations cost is leaked and criticism rains down on her, we’ll tell you the details.

Although it is not known where the leak came from, it was through Twitter that an image was spread detailing the alleged ‘high’ costs charged by the also known “Queen of children”, after knowing the figure, many users ‘were outraged’ and even branded it a “career”.

How much Tatiana’s presentations cost is filtered

How much Tatiana's presentations cost is filtered

Tatiana has positioned herself in the taste of children for more than two decades, her charisma and talent have led her to be a representative and icon of children’s animation in Mexico, Latin America and the rest of the world where she has also performed .

The interpreter of memorable children’s songs such as “Los Marcianos Ya”, “El patio de mi casa” or one of her most recent hits “I don’t want to bathe”, has been evolving with the new generations of children and continues to remain in the hearts of those who grew up with his music.

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