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How Marcelo Tinelli’s Return to Thirteen Will Be His New Big Bet with the Reality Show Sing With Me Now

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“It’s a new format and we have high hopes…” he says. And also: “Very little is left, we are taking the last step, Recordings of promotions and openings…” That’s who speaks Marcelo Tinelli,

and he’s talking all together NowHis new strong bet for this new season in eltrece, a musical reality that will be called here sing with me now, Barring any setbacks, this ambitious global format will debut in primetime next 25 july,

In fact, Marcelo Tinelli put forward these details of the cycle in a chat show partner (altres), at the height of The recording that he is making these days for an opening in the Palermo area Which, as always, means “putting all the meat on the grill”.

Coty Sorokin and his partner, Marcelo's daughter, Cande Tinelli, will be part of the jury.

Coty Sorokin and his partner, Marcelo’s daughter, Cande Tinelli, will be part of the jury.

“People say to me: ‘When are you coming back?’ At the end of July we’ll be…”, Tinelli insisted. “There is very little left, we are taking the final step. Recording the promotions and the opening”, he explained of the work they are already doing for the big moment. ,it’s a new formatSo with a lot of hope”, he expressed enthusiastically.

Along these lines, he specified that it is a world-proven singing format, 100 Jury Live. with And it will be for the whole family.

all together Now Was born in British BBC in 2008 and has been buzzing for two years Success led by former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

mass jury

about how the jury would be made sing with me nowTinley pointed out that there would be a mix between recognized individuals and unknowns. “it is going to be Cristian Castro, Puma Rodriguez, Coty, who hails from Spain, Candace (Tinelli) and other strangers who would be fantastic”, he went on.

Another member of the jury for "Sing With Me Now" will be Puma Rodriguez.

Another member of the jury for “Sing With Me Now” will be Puma Rodriguez.

While he acknowledged that managing so many people would not be easy, he insisted that not everyone would be involved all the time and that Refund will be exclusively on musical performance,

federal audition

When giving details about the participants he said: “We did Casting in the interior of the country And we’ve got some impressive talent” and he concluded: “The level is great and the number of people on the jury is impressive… As a driver, the sight of everyone there is going to be impressive and for the audience too,

Cristian Castro will be one of the “heavy” names to pepper the jury’s return of “Sing With Me Now.”

And about the rumors that indicated the participation of Thomas Fort, Richard’s nephewconfirmed that indeed He appeared at the casting, although he does not know whether he stayed., He also emphasized that the jury will be made up of 100 people. Many unknowns and will not actively participate in the program,

40 events up to the grand final

Tinelli’s New “Tank” It will air Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm in eltrece.and will be recorded in the studio that Lafalia (Tinelli’s production company) is using north of Buenos Aires.

“All Together Now” is a British format; It’s been a success since 2018, led by former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. photo ef

this will be the first season 10 weeks, the first 6 to qualify, and the last 4 are due for final resolution.

In this case, we will not see a “minute-by-minute rating nerve” because The event will not be live, but will be recorded first.

There will be a total of 40 events with one big winner at the end of the road, although the prize they will receive is yet to be confirmed.


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