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How many times has Jennifer Lopez been engaged and married?

Jennifer Lopez also has a long list of loves in his life engagement rings. But how many were just friends and to how many did they formally say, “Yes, I accept.”

This weekend came the expected news of couple JLo and Ben Affleck’s potential engagement. While it’s not surprising, there was some anticipation as to whether the Bronx diva’s proposals had already sufficed.

And that’s it in his whole life 52 years If there’s one thing López wasn’t missing, it’s love. What’s not known yet is if Affleck will be the real one. “Till death do them part”.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s second engagement? Will she be the winner?

How many times has Jennifer Lopez been engaged?

With the second part with Ben Affleck given away, there are already six JLo commitments.

After 20 years the “Benifer” They’re celebrating the second time he’s put a ring on the diva’s ring finger. But the first time was in 2002 and they finally broke up in 2004. Although the specifications of the new jewel are unknown, the previous one cost around $2.5 million.

After that broken love, López wasted no time. It was when he got married for the third time, but after his divorce he found love in other arms.

The singer was about to marry the former New York Yankees baseball player for the fourth time. Alex Rodriguez. They have been engaged since 2019 after dating for two years. They decided to celebrate the wedding in 2020, but not only did the pandemic temporarily change plans, but after a period of therapy, they realized they were better off as friends. Her ring cost $1 million.

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The other three engagement rings that reached López were from their husbands.

Who Were Jennifer Lopez’s Husbands?

Ojani Noah: the first to lead JLo to the altar

He was 21 and she was 26 when they married in 1997. But it was a brief 11-month union, apparently because Noa was violent, according to a lawsuit in which he ended up paying more than half a million dollars. Noa was a waiter when they met, although that wasn’t an excuse not to give him a ring worth about $100,000.

Cris Judd: JLo’s second marital failure

They married in 2001, but it was another short story of less than a year. Lopez filed for divorce in 2002. The ring the choreographer gave her was also valued at around $100,000.

Marc Anthony: the father of JLo’s children

López’s third marriage was the longest, and with it he fathered his children, twins Max and Emme. Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony He was married from 2004 to 2011, although they officially divorced in 2014. The rock he left her is worth $4 million.

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