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How many times did it go around the world?

How many times did it go around the world?

With thirty years of television career, Marley has already accumulated several thousand hours of screen in front of several programs. However, thanks to one of its cycles, Around the world (Telefe), the driver has more miles added than any other colleague, thanks to his international travels.

Since 2003, the show had several seasons, including -in 2018- that of Around the world. world, anchored in Russia during the World Cup dispute, and an exclusively Argentine version, between 2020 and 2021, due to restrictions on the borders around the globe due to the pandemic.

If Marley marked on a planisphere each place that he visited thanks to the program, surely the map would be full of points, some even where he was more than once. Of the 195 countries recognized by the UN, Marley went to more than 50, on the five continents.

Wanda, Marley And Mirko In Bangkok.  In &Quot;For The World&Quot;, Telefe.  (Instagram).

Wanda, Marley and Mirko in Bangkok. in “For the world”, Telefe. (Instagram).

Mirko’s record

As a curiosity, the driver decided to add his little son to his trips, Mirko, who was born at the end of 2017. A few months old, the baby accompanied his father as one of the production team on their tours around the world, setting a true record. Mirko already knows more than 40 countries in just four years of life.

Marley’s passion for travel is so great that, even at the time of the greatest restrictions to travel due to Covid, he managed to keep rolling. And he did it for Argentina, with 43 programs recorded in 2020, during the first moments of the pandemic.

From the Iguazu Falls to UshuaiaFrom Purmamarca, in Jujuy, to the Valley of the Moon, in San Juan, Marley and his team left no corner of Argentina’s geography unexplored.

Susana Giménez And Marley In Sydney.  Australia, In One Of The Tours Of Around The World.

Susana Giménez and Marley in Sydney. Australia, in one of the tours of Around the world.

And the same if it is about places beyond the borders. In each season, the driver travels more than 25,000 kilometers in an authentic adventure through urban circuits, fields, mountains, beaches and all kinds of landscapes.

Always accompanied by his production team that, increasingly, appears in front of the camera generating sketch-like situations, Marley adds a guest on each trip to share the trip. Some are a fixed number, taking advantage of the good chemistry they have with the driver, such as Susana Giménez, Florencia Peña, Lizy Tagliani and Vicky Xipolitakis, among others.

With a passport saturated with visa stamps and airport entrances and exits, only since 2017, when the program began to be broadcast live from every place in the world visited (regardless of the time difference), Marley and Mirko have already traveled more than 200 thousand kilometers, the equivalent of more than five times around the world.

Marley won a Martín Fierro for the best male driving in 2019 for this cycle, which is like a window open to the most classic postcards, and also to some lesser-known ones from cities such as New York, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Miami, Tokyo or Bangkok, among many others.

For his part, Mirko, who visited temples in Japan and Thailand, medieval towns in Spain or ecological reserves in some corner of the planet, He also met Britanny, the woman who conceived him (he was born through surrogacy), in Australia and you already know several phrases in different languages.

Marley And Araceli González In Japan.  &Quot;Around The World&Quot;.

Marley and Araceli González in Japan. “Around the world”.

While he is in Spain with Lizy Tagliani, from where he goes live in two broadcasts (The preview of Around the World, at 9:30 p.m., and Around the world, at 23.30), Marley awaits Jimena Barón and her son, Momo, to continue traveling through France in the next programs.

By plane, boat, train or car, although it may seem incredible, despite the dozens and dozens of sites visited, there are still many places to go and, if the pandemic allows it, Marley, Mirko and the whole group will continue to get on the plane. to go around the world more.

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