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How Long Serena Season 5 Twist Was in the Works – The Hollywood Reporter

[This story contains spoilers to the eighth episode of The Handmaid’s Tale‘s fifth season, “Motherland.”]

Yvonne Strahovsky had explained the eighth episode of The Handmaid’s Tale What Serena’s “final rock base” a precarious warning offered how the past episode ended.

As “Motherland” opens, Serena is at her most affordable issue nevertheless of time 5 and maybe the overall time. Hulu Serie. Now an immigration prisoner locked up in a Canadian detention center, Serena, who had her new child son Noah ripped from her arms to stop episode seven, is forced to express and deliver her breast milk to the woman. who is now the lawful guardian of her son, Mrs. Wheeler (Genevieve Angelson). When Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) visits Serena and presents to aid her by returning her to the Wheelers’ residence, the place she can aid nurse her newborn although the Wheelers proceed to efficiently elevate him, Serena bristles at the thought.

“It really is the only way,” he insists.

“I’m not heading to stay in the exact same property as my son’s kidnappers,” states Serena, who appears to need to be reminded that she served orchestrate Gilead’s handmaiden way of living.

“You have a irony deficiency?” asks Lorenzo.

I never give a fuck. I am not a servant,” she replies.

Serena finally turns to June for advice wherever, mom to mom, they confront each other about each and every of their challenges. Serena tells June that Lawrence’s offer from New Bethlehem is worth contemplating as a way for June to be reunited with her eldest daughter, Hannah. But when Serena asks June to be her advocate, she is shocked by her refusal. “I could never ever forgive you,” states June, who advises him to go again to the Wheelers. And then she passes yet again.

“How?” Serena asks. “How do you go and live in a household with a lady who is trying to steal your infant?”

June cocks her head, “Are you critically inquiring me that?” Her guidance: “You’re likely to go back again there and you happen to be going to act like a maid. But the total time, you will be plotting versus them and plotting your revenge.”

And so it does. Serena returns to the Wheeler dwelling, apologizes and acknowledges her location. She is permitted to breastfeed her newborn, but she is pressured to acknowledge that she is not suit and she offers up all other maternal obligations. It stays to be seen if she will have June’s quiet determination in the final two episodes.

Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) and Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) in The Handmaid's Tale.

Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) with Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) in “Motherland.”

Courtesy of Sophie Giraud/Hulu

Serena’s devotion to No confronting the harsh truth of their condition was tempting for the writers to examine. And even while they failed to have the Serena-June Maid Flip Flops in his largest series plan given that the commencing, it was “attractive when the program arrived to fruition,” claimed the creator and showrunner. bruce miller.

“The fantastic issue about the tale is that Serena is not blind to what’s heading on, and she still will not want it,” Miller said. the hollywood reporter of the gradual realization all over season 5 that Serena has turn out to be, in essence, a maid. “Ironic to the audience, but not to her, she tells herself, ‘I’m not heading to be a servant.’ And that is a combination of how she sees herself and figuring out what it can be like to be a servant, simply because she was the servant’s foreman. She won’t want to have to be at the mercy of somebody like her, which is a extremely fascinating issue to check out. She is the prison guard who doesn’t want to go to prison.”

Once the writers plotted Serena’s pregnancy in period four, the maid’s part-reversal plotline commenced to expose itself. The target is for developments to “experience unavoidable, but by no means predictable,” she spelled out.

“The tale produced as we made the tale of Serena pregnant and when she modifications, simply because she’s so narcissistic, from just caring about herself to caring about this newborn. And you start out to say, ‘OK, what does that suggest in phrases of Serena?’ At the stop of last season, what we acquire it was his feeling of security. Fred, for all her worthlessness, took a large amount of the warmth for her and tried using to safeguard her, and produced her problem much more stable. Now I think the child, in addition to her instability, permits her to search for balance, and that’s in which you get that story. He’s hunting for a thing that he really, seriously isn’t going to want to find. I appreciate that she states, ‘I never care. I am not going to be a servant, no make any difference how ironic it is.

For Miller, witnessing what her female leads did with the scripts was the spotlight. “Viewing them do that voodoo they do is so astounding and magical,” she claimed, pointing to the labor and postpartum scenes with Serena and June in the barn in episode seven (created by Rachel Shupert, “a fucking masterpiece,” she included). . But the flashbacks showing June and Serena at the starting of their romance have been also revealing. “They overlap a whole lot,” she claims of the two people. “These are ladies who grew up in the exact same culture who created specific choices both of those worked in the field of communications. The points that annoy other people the most are the points they price in themselves: stubbornness, their ethical rectitude, their ability to resist any form of argument and not modify their minds Serena probably thinks that is her finest character trait. So it can be a pleasure to create them since of the way the two actors perform jointly and the way the two characters perform collectively.”

The Handmaids Tale No Man's Land

Serena with infant Noah and June (elisabeth moss) in episode 7, “No Man’s Land”.


Miller additional that June’s determination to assistance Serena through her labor in episode 7, and to listen to her once more in the detention heart in episode eight, was born out of trauma.

“Mainly it is the main of June. It can be who June is that she is not going to go away. She won’t be able to,” she stated. “She needs she was the sort of individual that she could stroll away from and in no way look back again. Ideally, there’s a primary goodness underneath any of her traumas that urges her to do these things, but I feel her response is born out of the trauma in a way that she recognizes.”

The greater topic uniting the two ladies also seems eerily well timed, a sentiment the creator and his writers know, regrettably, all much too perfectly owning worked on their fateful series for five seasons. “The tale about what it is really like to be a refugee in the fashionable world, I will not believe it’s heading to go absent, specifically in this time of weather adjust,” he claims of the true-everyday living relevance of both of those Serena and June getting themselves in no man’s land: Serena is undocumented following violating the conditions of her stay, and June, along with her spouse and children, is not welcomed by Canadians as refugees from Gilead. “Everyone leaving the United States, each human being in The Handmaids Tale, they are refugees or pre-refugees. As soon as they go away, they are men and women without a nation. The usa is there, somewhere, but not automatically a location you want to go. Serena are not able to go to The us. She would have to set herself under her management, and I really don’t know if they would be so pleased to have Serena Joy. The strategy of ​​being bodily displaced from their country, or feeling like their country is not what it used to be, the way they truly feel about The usa getting Gilead, is regretably a typical and relatable emotion these times.” .

The fifth period of The Handmaid’s Tale premieres Wednesdays on Hulu. Head below to browse Yvonne Strahovski converse about Serena’s “juicy” twist of destiny.

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