How is the series that combines Mexican drug traffickers with the living dead

Drug chief Marroquín escapes from a most safety jail on the border between Mexico and the US. Following him is a gaggle of elite troopers on his heels. However within the center, the squad stumbles upon a navy experiment they usually find yourself was zombies. So it begins SOZ Troopers or Zombies, the sequence with which Amazon Prime Video guess on combining two nice genres.

Alongside the eight chapters with a mean length of half-hour, the traffickers and the residing lifeless will coexist. This explicit concept was created and produced by the Argentine director Nicolas Entel -What comes from doing Break every part on Netflix – and with earlier expertise within the narco concern due to his documentary Sins of my father, in regards to the lifetime of Pablo Escobar narrated by his son, Sebastián.

“When I was finishing the documentary, Sebastián, Escobar’s son, told me an anecdote about when they were hiding in the jungle, with military helicopters flying overhead. They used candles both to illuminate themselves and to entertain themselves and he had started to play doing spiritism. I jokingly wondered what would have happened if Pablo Escobar had worked“Entel explains to Clarion.

That very same premise was the one which the director commented to the style scriptwriter Miguel Tejada Flores, throughout a competition in Guadalajara. “I have an idea for us to do together: there are narcos and there are zombies“, he requested. SOZ

Spanish would later be a part of the mission Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Snowfall, Life Itself) to be the protagonist and play Alonso Marroquin, the narco chief who escapes by means of a tunnel the day he’s going to be extradited. His escape will permit him to reconnect not solely with freedom, but in addition together with his gang and his little son, Lucas, whom he has not seen since he entered jail.

Alonso Marroquín Is A Narco Leader Who Escapes From A (Supposed) Maximum Security Prison.

Alonso Marroquín is a narco chief who escapes from a (supposed) most safety jail.

“Marroquin He is not the narco leader that we are used to seeing, someone with a low profile with a lot of coldness and capable of anything. Here we see a public relations, an outgoing guy, who likes and is seductive. She handles herself very well until she reunites with her son, with whom she has a great outstanding debt and who is like her nemesis, “Peris-Mencheta factors out by way of Zoom.

The “narco” stereotype isn’t the one one that’s damaged. Right here, the zombies are not gradual or clumsy, fairly the alternative. “There is an Argentine musician, Muhammad Guerra, who always says that you have to literalize metaphors. It’s what we did. If you kill someone and they revive, when they come back It should be like a baby, who has to learn everything againThey don’t have to always be stupid, “says Entel.

Soldiers Or Zombies, The New Original Mexican Series From Amazon, Available In Argentina.

Troopers or Zombies, the brand new authentic Mexican sequence from Amazon, out there in Argentina.

For her half, Peris-Mencheta highlights her character’s relationship together with her son. “I think there is a great surprise on the part of Marroquín when he meets his son. His profile of personal and emotional adventure begins a little there, it is not only the adventure of running away from each other, but also his little internal emotional adventure. “.

“To write that relationship I based myself on the day I met Oliver stone. He wanted to make a movie about Escobar and, as I did Sins of my father, he called me and asked me what I thought of his script and I told him I didn’t like it. He looked at me and said: ‘Nobody talks to me like that, you do have balls’. Marroquín’s relationship with his son is that: the boy is the only one who talks like this to the drug lord, “says Entel.

The Actors Had To Undergo Lengthy Makeup Sessions In Order To Turn Into Zombies.

The actors needed to bear prolonged make-up periods with the intention to flip into zombies.

Troopers or Zombies: a forged with out worry of challenges

“All of us who did this project were very excited to participate in something so unique, disruptive and irreverent. We went through the usual casting process, but what was very pleasant was reading what the script marked us. In my case it said: ‘Rafael Becerril, leader of a tactical operations team that later turns into a zombie’“, the actor remembers laughing Horacio Garcia-Rojas.

“When they gave me the whole script I couldn’t believe it was part of this because the story itself was super secret. I loved the fact of telling it in our language. Also, allowed me to reflect my experience as a non-binary / gender fluid person also in my character “, he explains Vico Garcia, who makes Valencia a member of the elite group and witness to the evolution of the zombie virus.

In flip, Vico provides that one of the advanced scenes he needed to play is the place “they propose to use undocumented immigrants to carry out experiments.”

For its half, Fatima Molina (Who Killed Sara?, Diablero), who performs the intrepid journalist Lilia, provides: “I knew I wanted to be in this project, even I performed for two characters, I didn’t care what role I played, I just said ‘Please let me be’“.

Vico García As Valencia In &Quot;Soz Soldiers Or Zombies&Quot;.

Vico García as Valencia in “SOZ Soldiers or Zombies”.