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How is the relationship between Alfredo Olivas’ father and Caro Quintero? (PHOTOS)

  • The murder of Irving Olivas,
  • The relationship between Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela and the head of the Caborca ​​Cartel, Rafael Caro Quintero
  • Are they part of a drug cartel?

Father of Alfredo Olivas. The murder of Irving Olivas, his wife and one year eight month old son which was recorded last weekend in Zapopan, brought to light the alleged relationship between Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela, father of band singer Alfredito Olivas ‘El Patroncito’ , and the head of the Caborca ​​Cartel, Rafael Caro Quintero.

This would not be the first time that the corrido singer has been linked to the narco, nor would it be the first time that relatives of Oliva Valenzuela have been attacked; nor that he is mentioned as the head of the criminal group in southern Sonora and they even state that his alias is ‘El Chapo Alfredo’.

This is what is known

Father of Alfredo Olivas

According to information from the Unión Jalisco portal, the cell that operates in Ciudad Obregón suffered several blows from its rivals. Only this year the name of the group’s father was linked to the murder of Fernando Delgadillo Hermosillo, alias the mike.

According to the aforementioned portal, El Miko is the alleged operator of Caro Quintero, who was murdered on Costera las Palmas Avenue, in the Diamante area of ​​the tourist municipality of Acapulco. Filed Under: Father of Alfredo Olivas

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