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how is the new animated series of the classic character

how is the new animated series of the classic character

The Topo Gigio was a very popular character on Argentine television from the 1970s to the late 1980s. Created by the Italian Maria Perego in 1958, it has been a long time since a reinvention of the adorable foam rubber doll was attempted. Up to now.

This Monday 22, at 3:30 p.m., Discovery Kids premieres the new animated series Topo Gigio, which during 52 episodes, tells the modern adventures of the well-known and affectionate rodent with giant ears that lives like a human being.

In the aggiornated story, Gigio lives with Zoe and her parents and is accompanied by his faithful “adventure partners.” Zoe is her best friend and she always helps to do things well; Bob is the perfect companion for biking around town. And the “G-Team” is always ready to join them.

In The New Topo Gigio, He Lives With Zoe, His Best Friend.

In the new Topo Gigio, he lives with Zoe, his best friend.

Wild and irresistible adventures may involve helping Zoe with some science project; Bob to win a race, fight ghosts, or build a rocket ship. Once the work is done, Gigio will always be home in time for your goodnight hug.

Like the original character – a puppet that in Argentina had its first appearance in 1968 on the Teleonce channel, by the hand of the Uruguayan Juan Carlos Mareco– The new Topo Gigio seeks to promote friendship, teamwork, family and, above all, to be curious and happy boys like the rodent.

The characters of Topo Gigio

Directed by the Italians Davide Rosio and Giorgio Scorza, all the characters in this funny story stand out for some special ability or characteristic. Here, a summary of each of them.

Bob, Gigio And Zoe, The Stars Of The New Discovery Kids Animated Series.

Bob, Gigio and Zoe, the stars of the new Discovery Kids animated series.

Topo Gigio: He’s helpful, funny, and charming. His friends appreciate him for his enthusiasm and his way of solving problems. Gigio manages to lure everyone on his crazy adventures. For Gigio everything is new!

Zoe: She is nine years old, lives with Gigio and is her best friend. It is structured and safe. She makes a list of rules for just about everything: “how to do it right.” It’s funny, she loves new things (especially scientific ones). He loves Gigio deeply. His passions are: Gigio, science, school … and Bob!

Bob: He is ten years old and he rides his bike around town all day, every day. Zoe, Gigio, and Bob quickly became friends. Bob is the one who “rigged” Zoe’s remote control helicopter, turned it into the GCopter, and invented the GBus.

He thinks he can talk to ghosts or aliens. He also thinks that the school principal is a robot. He is a great inventor, and he always has a new invention to help them in their daily adventures. Unfortunately, most of the time it doesn’t work.

Gigio Always Calls The G-Team, His Animal Friends.

Gigio always calls the G-Team, his animal friends.

The G-Team: They are Gigio’s best animal friends, who always enlists them to go on missions with him, even if it’s a bad idea. He calls them with the “Gigio Clock”, which emits ultrasound. They all speak gibberish and an animal language that only Gigio understands: he is their interpreter. They are based in Zoe’s hidden old treehouse.

The neighborhood children: Emilia, Twyla, Jo, and Tatum are Zoe’s friends, who attend the same school and live in the neighborhood.

Laura (Zoe’s mom): At work, Zoe’s mother is a hard-working scientist who knows how to do things well, but at home she is a sweet and caring mom.

Gregory (Zoe’s father): He’s a professional magazine photographer, he’s an artist. He is sensitive and sometimes gets very bad if things don’t go well for him.

How the new Topo Gigio starts up

The New Animated Series Topo Gigio Premieres On Monday 22 At 15:30 On Discovery Kids.

The new animated series Topo Gigio premieres on Monday 22 at 15:30 on Discovery Kids.

In the first episode, titled “The hiccup”, the friends have their first adventure: it is the day of the presentations of the work groups at school and Zoe is the leader of hers. But he has an uncontrollable hiccup. Luckily, she has Gigio, who is always ready to help her.

In the second chapter, called “Lucky Gigio”, the little character has a difficult mission. The Mole is convinced that he is the luckiest rodent in the world, and believes that his luck can save him from any situation.

But he’ll have to put her to the test when Tatum asks him to retrieve his skateboard from the school locker, placed there by Principal Glides. The problem is that he will have to do it without being seen by Jack Links, the janitor, who does not want mice (and Gigio is, since mouse in Italian is spelled mole) at his school.


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