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How is the medical drama that triumphs in the pandemic and reaches Argentina

How is the medical drama that triumphs in the pandemic and reaches Argentina

The pandemic changed much more than the day to day and the habits of all societies. The way of consuming series and movies has changed – the closures of cinemas generated a boom in streaming– and the interests of the audience, to the point that the “sanitary” fictions they managed to increase their audience.

In Argentina the most recent case is that of Doctor Miracle, a novel that the Telefe screen managed to comfortably lead in its schedule. The same happened with this story in Turkey (the country of origin and where they decided to replace the first chapters in full confinement) and in the United States with the adaptation that was prepared there: The Good Doctor.

On Colombia the phenomenon happened on the other hand, although not very different. The soap opera Nurses It had started at the end of October 2019 (a few months before the world turned upside down) and had a clear message: honor the daily work of women who provide care in public hospitals.

With the pandemic, that message became more important.

Nurses knew how to become a hit in the land of novels like I am Betty the Ugly one; woman-fragranced coffee Y Passion of Hawks And, like its prominent predecessors, now it also crosses borders to reach Argentina and the rest of Latin America through the screen of Telemundo International (from this Monday at 23.10).

Diana Hoyos Plays María Clara, The Hospital'S Head Of Nursing.

Diana Hoyos plays María Clara, the hospital’s head of nursing.

Stories from a hospital: the rage of novels starring doctors

Novels and series that take place in hospitals they are already a genre in itself. There are several fictions that show the day-to-day life of the medical staff, the history of the different patients who come to the brink of death and, even, that show the love-hate relationships between the health team. This same formula is repeated with Nurses.

Clarion chatted alone with Diana Hoyos, who plays Maria Clara Gonzalez, the head of nursing Santa Rosa Hospital and main protagonist of the novel. She seeks to explain the audience’s interest in this type of content.

“I think that part of all the success that surrounds Nurses goes through the cases of the patients. They are very close to everyone and we tell a story for each one, beyond what happens at the health level. We have touched on topics such as domestic violence or, even, in the second season, deaths from COVID, and that is why if you are not interested in a case, the next day you will have another, “he says.

In addition, the protagonist refers to the stable cast that fiction has as another of the key points. They accompany her Sebastian Carvajal (Without breasts, if there is paradise), Viña Machado, (General Naranjo) and Lucho Velasco (El Chapo, The Queen of Flow). “Part of all this success is also because we have made a great team. You do a lot of projects in your life, but a cast with so much chemistry only meets sometimes ”, he highlights.

Nurses Is Already Filming Its Third Season.

Nurses is already filming its third season.

The pandemic and a change for Nurses

The arrival of the Covid grabbed the cast in full shooting And, according to Hoyos, it was something “very tough” for the whole team. “The first thing that happened to us was that we had to stop the recordings and get off the air. We came with the episodes very close to the broadcast and when the pandemic fell we had to stop. Then, when we resumed, we began to deal with the issues about Covid and, although ours is a fictional world, touching on that topic was very complex”.

“We had to act with masks, with the mask and all the necessary equipment. This made us value much more all the role of health professionals and personnel because it is really very difficult to work like that ”, assures the actress, who highlights the essence of the novel as a tribute to those workers.

“With this series we always wanted to pay tribute to the entire nursing union, to nurses. That is why part of the challenge was to try to make it as close to reality as possible ”, she says and explains that to play María Clara was prepared for two months with training and rehearsals: “We practice from how to place the buretrol and hang the infusion bag even how to do a resuscitation and run a code blue. Obviously we do not do it, but they are actions that require coordination, and as actors we have never been close to that before ”.

The Characters Of Sol Angie Velásquez And María Claria.

The characters of Sol Angie Velásquez and María Claria.

Who’s who in Nurses

Maria Clara Gonzalez (played by Diana Hoyos)
The head of nursing at the Santa Rosa hospital. She is the mother of two children and is handcuffed to Román Duarte. “María Clara is a woman who is passionate about her work in nursing, taking care of her patients, but who is involved in a series of personal problems that are therefore part of her day to day”, Diana tells us.

From the first chapter we will see how their marriage falls apart and a love story begins with the new resident: Dr. Carlos Pérez.

Dr. Carlos Pérez (Sebastián Carvajal)
The good guy in history. He aspires to be one of the best in his profession, and to serve his patients most in need. Although due to his social position he could be a doctor in the best private hospitals, he decides to be in the place where he feels he is most needed. And that is where he coincides with María Clara.

Manuel Alberto Castro placeholder image (Lucho Velasco)
Although he specialized in surgery and he was a war surgeonHe decided to focus on administrative matters and became a partner in several medical institutions that offered cheap but regular quality services in towns in the region.

The Cast Of Nurses.  From Left To Right: Viña Machado, Lucho Velasco, Diana Hoyos, Sebastián Carvajal, Nina Caicedo And Julián Trujillo.

The cast of Nurses. From left to right: Viña Machado, Lucho Velasco, Diana Hoyos, Sebastián Carvajal, Nina Caicedo and Julián Trujillo.

Sol Angie Velasquez (Nina Caicedo)
The character that provides the share of humor. She had a childhood marked by abuse but despite everything, she lives grateful to God for the life that she had to live and for having found Héctor, her husband, who knew how to love and care for her.

Alvaro Rojas (Julián Trujillo)
The LGBT community is also visible in Nurses. Alvaro left town as a young man because of his college boyfriend and after his parents’ disapproval of his sexuality.

Gloria Mayorga (Viña Machado)
The villain of history. Since she was a child, she had to be the support of her dysfunctional family. She tried to study medicine, however, neither time nor resources were enough for her to achieve the career of her dreams, that is why she chose to become a nurse.