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how is the martial arts fighter that Halle Berry composes in Wound

how is the martial arts fighter that Halle Berry composes in Wound

Halle Berry was not enough to become Catwoman, being a bond girl or be until today the only black woman to have won the Oscar for best actress. At age 55, she made her directorial debut in Wound, a movie that she also stars in and is available on Netflix.

Who is Jackie Justice

Berry puts himself in the shoes of Jackie Justice, a former mixed martial arts fighter, who at the time chose to abandon his newborn son to be able to dedicate himself fully to his career.

Justice suffers a humiliating defeat and decides to withdraw from the sport. She lives with her boyfriend Desi (Adam Canto), who is also your representative. Together they lead a hellish life, with constant fights and excess alcohol, tinged by marathons and brutal sex sessions.

After Doing Several Casting Calls Looking For A Director, She Chose Herself For The Directing.

After doing several casting calls looking for a director, she chose herself for the directing.

But his life takes a completely unexpected turn and the fighter clings to her last chance at redemption when Manny Lyons (Danny boyd), the son she abandoned in her childhood, returns to her life because the father has just been shot in the head.

When life reconnects her with her 6-year-old son, Jackie returns to the ring in search of the title she failed to achieve, and spends the rest of her hours trying to become a good mother. Everything happens to Jackie, and she has multiple goals: fight for the title, win back her son’s love and look for true love, which you will think you will find in the arms of another woman.

Based on a true story?

Cat zingano, former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter, sued Halle Berry because she claims she was promised a starring role in Wound. The fighter alleges that she turned down an offer for a UFC fight in order to star in the film, and that in the end she was left out of the project and also out of the UFC.

Berry'S Character Fights On Several Fronts.

Berry’s character fights on several fronts.

According to Zingano, eJackie Justice’s character is based on her own story of life. But if you look at her bio, the only point of contact seems to be the fact that she was the first mother to fight in the UFC and that her son’s father died.

The boy is the result of his relationship with the Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt Maurício Zingano, with whom she was married between 2010 and 2014. That year, the man committed suicide. He was 37 years old.

Two and a half years of training

“He didn’t have the slightest experience in martial arts, beyond his love of sport and an interest in learning everything he could. I ended up training for two and a half years, learning from jiu jitsu to taekwondo and judo or wrestling, boxing and kickboxing, “said Berry.

To Put Jackie On, Berry Trained For Two And A Half Years In Martial Arts.

To put Jackie on, Berry trained for two and a half years in martial arts.

“I learned many different disciplines until I got the fighting style I wanted for my character, but really, it took me two and a half years of preparation,” he emphasized.

When Berry first read the script for Wound, felt a strong connection to the character of Jackie Justice. However, the project was designed so that Nick cassavetes was the director of the film, and Blake Lively, the wife of Ryan Reynolds, the protagonist.

But everything was changing and they were left out of the film. Why not a black woman? Berry thought. The actress convinced the creative team and landed the role. They also gave him the responsibility of choosing who was going to get behind the scenes. He met with seven candidates. But came out of all those conversations feeling unsatisfied.

Actress and director

Halle Berry Plays An Mma Fighter In Her Debut Film.

Halle Berry plays an MMA fighter in her debut film.

Talking about it with a friend one night, when I told her that nobody understood what I was imagining, she He asked me why I did not dare to direct it me, ”said the actress.

“I had thought of directing before, I was even thinking of writing a short film, but this role seemed too big for me to be the lead and direct for the first time as well. It seemed crazy to me, ”she explained, but eventually she dared to do both.

Berry believes that being a black woman, being the director and protagonist of this film, marks a turning point in the film industry. Just like in 2002, when he won the Oscar for Life change. Since then, things have not been quite good in his career. We’ll see if luck changes now.

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