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How is the health of Marciano Cantero, the leader of the Green Enanitos, after his hospitalization for a kidney complication

A vigil of relatives and friends of Marciano Cantero, the leading voice of the Enanitos Verdes, stand guard in Mendoza to find out about the health of the musician who is in intensive care from a private clinic following emergency kidney surgery.

Horacio Cantero, his name on the DNI, just turned 62. He began to feel bad a week ago, when he was admitted to the Cuyo clinic, in the city of Mendoza, where he returned to reside since 2017.

Last Monday, the singer and bassist of the rock band that celebrated its 40th anniversary, underwent an operation. His kidney was removed due to a condition and his condition was critical until yesterday.

the word of the son

Marciano Cantero, the leader of the Green Dwarfs, with his inseparable bass.

Marciano Cantero, the leader of the Green Dwarfs, with his inseparable bass.

The only family member who has wanted to talk is his son. “My dad is recovering from a kidney surgery that was scheduled, but it could get complicated and that’s how it was,” said Javier Cantero in a short interview on Nihuil radio.

The authorities of the Cuyo Clinic have excused themselves from giving a daily medical report, at the request of the family that asks for “total confidentiality”.

The musician still hospitalized in intensive care. The only information that Cantero’s inner circle has given this morning was received by the music journalist Walter Gazzo: “There is a slight improvementthe family thanks everyone who asks and prays for him”.

The love of Abel Pintos

On tour in Mendoza, Abel Pintos dedicated his Wednesday night show at the Arena Maipú stadium to the musician from Mendoza. “I’m not used to doing this at my concerts, but I want to ask that this light and energy that you transmit be projected on Marciano Cantero, whom We send you strength to recover“Abel asked. And the public accompanied with an ovation.

The members of the Spanish rock band Hombre G, with whom Los Enanos have shared the stage several times, also sent him a message of affection and speedy recovery: “All our love for the great @MarcianoCantero. Marciano Force!” Twitter.

Marciano Cantero, leading voice and bassist of the Enanitos Verdes.  Photo Instagram Marciano Cantero

Marciano Cantero, leading voice and bassist of the Enanitos Verdes. Photo Instagram Marciano Cantero

Felipe Staiti, the guitarist of the Enanitos Verdes, the Mendoza band with the greatest international expansion, is one of the stalwarts who has accompanied Viviana, Marciano’s childhood sweetheart and current wife, and their son at the clinic.

The tour that should go on

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Green Enanitos once again filled stadiums in a tour for the 40 years of the bandwhich took them to more than 20 cities in the United States and 25 cities in Mexico.

The tour is scheduled to continue in Peru, from October 7, with performances by the legendary band in Chiclayo, Trujillo and Piura; to continue in November through different cities in Mexico and close on December 3 in Los Angeles.

Cantero is the voice and bass, Staiti, the guitarist and Jota Morelli, on drums (Daniel Píccolo was in the original band). With the arrival of democracy, they began with presentations in different pubs, later moving to small theaters in Mendoza and neighboring provinces.

At the beginning of ’83 they traveled to Buenos Aires to start playing in pubs and plan a national career. In 1984, the trio was invited to participate in the La Falda Festival, together with great musicians such as Charly Garcia and Luis Alberto Spinetta, and The Green Dwarfs were chosen revelation group.

After the festival in Córdoba they traveled to Buenos Aires and recorded their first album for the independent label Mordisco, The Green Dwarfs.

Marciano Cantero and his wife, Viviana.

Marciano Cantero and his wife, Viviana.

In 1986 they signed a contract with CBS Argentina (now Sony Music) and released time trial. By mid-1987, the band had performed more than 100 concerts throughout Argentina. It was a year of settlement and they recorded their third album strange roomswhich achieved impressive success.

In February 1988, the group was invited as Central Artist to the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, where they won two Silver Torches. Expansion throughout Latin America arrived, with their first international tour and the recording of their fourth album, carousel.

The last show in 2022 was on August 14 in the city of Orlando, United States. There they sounded again your old letters, the green wall, Daylight, My first day without you and so many hits that were part of the adolescence of many Argentines.


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