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How is the animated film with which Netflix wants to get to the Oscar

“You can be a hero and be wrong” and “Live a great life and die a great death” are two of the phrases, not done, but almost, almost, that resound the most after the vision of sea ​​monsterpremiere of Netflix this weekend, and with which -surely- you will want to be in the fight for the 2023 Oscar in the category of best animated film.

Chris Williams jumped from Disney, where he co-directed, in order of release, Bolt (2008), great heroes (2014) and Moana (2016) to Netflix, with a film with some points in common with the last one… and many more with the saga of How to Train Your Dragonfrom DreamWorks.

The protagonists of sea ​​monster they are two orphans, a young adult and a girl. Both lost their parents at sea, due to sea monsters that, in many cases, resemble dragons.

Red Burst, Jacob and Maisie.  What if the bad guys aren't so bad?  Photos Netflix

Red Burst, Jacob and Maisie. What if the bad guys aren’t so bad? Photos Netflix

To Jacob, who is agile like Maui in Moanabut white, very white, he was rescued from a board floating in the sea by Captain Crow.

Crow, who although he has an eye patch is not a pirate, also has something else on his mind: a feeling of revenge that eats away at his huge body. It is to catch and kill Red Burst, that monster from the title of the film – which could be female, that is, a monster – who was the one who left him without an eye.

Two orphans: Maisie and Jacob, who sooner rather than later had to meet.

Two orphans: Maisie and Jacob, who sooner rather than later had to meet.

It’s okay, not all the boys saw or read Moby-Dickbut it is clear that Chris Williams, yes.

another little orphan

The other protagonist, with whom Jacob will come across sooner rather than later, is Maisie. The little orphan reads a book to her orphanage classmates that recounts the fantastic adventures of monster hunters, including Jacob and Crow, until she decides to run away and join the crew of the Inevitable, as the ship is called. Crow.

Attacks on the high seas are frequent...

Attacks on the high seas are frequent…

As a cop, of course.

The movie starts out like a really impressive flurry of adventures, but then they’ve taken their foot off the gas and stitched the plot together with touches of humour. Obviously the interaction between Jacob and Maisie had to be tinged with tenderness, but the dynamism of the beginning does not reach the end.

Maisie and a baby monster.

Maisie and a baby monster.

sea ​​monsterwe were saying, has a mirror in which it is reflected, which is How to Train Your Dragon. There is a civilization that perceives itself as very united, and that in order to survive, it must do precisely that, be together to face the external threat, those extremely dangerous, lethal supernatural creatures.

For something the kings send to the high seas, or to where the maps do not mark anything, the hunters to eliminate and bring back the horns of those beasts, to be able to live in peace.

Maisie, Captain Crow, with an eyepatch, and Jacob: danger at sea.

Maisie, Captain Crow, with an eyepatch, and Jacob: danger at sea.

The movie is politically correct. It includes characters of different races (Maisie and Captain Crow’s right hand are black, since they are not Afro-American, because here we are talking about a king, there is a piper and this must be in the times of the English Empire, although nothing is clarified), On board the ship there are several women in important roles.

There are some things that the movie doesn’t explain, like a certain character that seems to die, but doesn’t.

Animation takes a step forward in "Sea Monster."

Animation takes a step forward in “Sea Monster.”

No matter. As entertainment is valid, a weekend with a holiday and rains is coming. And, if not, the winter holidays are just around the corner.

“Sea Monster”


Adventures/Animation. USA, 2022. Original title: “The Sea Best”. 115′, ATP L. Of: Chris Williams. With the voices of: Karl Urban, Dan Stevens, Jared Harris, Zaris-Angel Hator. Available in: Netflix.

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