Home Entertainment How is Lali Esposito in the sworn version of La Voz Argentina?

How is Lali Esposito in the sworn version of La Voz Argentina?

How is Lali Esposito in the sworn version of La Voz Argentina?

How Is Lali Esposito In The Sworn Version Of La Voz Argentina? - Light Home News

Actress, singer and influencer, Lali Esposito continues to add roles and they all seem to fit like a glove. His Debut as a Jury new season of voice of argentina (Telefe, 10:30 p.m.) Where he shares homework with Soledad Pastorutti, Ricardo Montaner and Maui and Ricky Montaner, he doesn’t do much more than that. Confirm your charisma by adding fans.

Addicted to the show from a very young age, Lali made her appearances from the first telecast of the program, to the point of becoming Favorites in social networks, as does the singing competition that Marley hosts.

sense of humor, friendliness and warmth There are certain qualities that he puts to play in the cycle, although it’s focus on the participants, with the personality of the jury, adds an extra spice. In fact, it’s already Each broadcasts a classic game in which Lali and Montaner’s father rivals almost individually., to be in their respective teams with one of the cast.

You only have to choose 24 from the hundreds we listen to!!!! it’s so fucked i swear“The actress told her Twitter account. And this is also displayed every night when none of the five jury members go on to choose who is singing, although she is later praised for her performance. .

jury that ruins empathy

Generally Lali is the first to “comfort” the missed participant For the competition, or to give her encouragement and good vibes so that she doesn’t feel bad for not being selected.

You get to choose 24 out of about 200 that we listen to… they all sing beautifulLeaving a participant was justified before a complaint by a Twitter user. In fact, in an interview, Lali didn’t mind admitting: “I judge with a lot of respect because everyone else sings better than me.”

Attentive to everything, Esposito also explained that jurors only learned about the personal stories of those who came to the program when they saw it on the air. “If you’re not going to pick him, don’t put up a father’s story, ’cause it fucks us up“Malena Ginzburg complained in a tweet in a broadcast. And Lali immediately took over and commented:”And what we don’t know… we see it all in the air… TERRIBLE“.

great connoisseur of landscapes and times, Lali all the time skip conventions and communicate directly with the public, Staring mischievously at the camera, dancing on the dance floor sound... Or by pressing the button to select the participant sitting directly on it.

singer Appeal to all resources He’s on hand: for the Montaner brothers with humor, or the quirky participant with a joke who wants to add to his team, Flip the jean jacket that has its name stamped on the back, imitating his fellow Soledad’s poncho.

Sahaj, Lali has no knack for saying this to any of the contestants: “how is your name? how beautiful you are“and then add:”I ain’t trying to take it, huh“. Happening, She laughs at herself as she climbs onto the couch like a babe To tease her because of her height, always in collusion with her audience.

With an international success that made her a star in Spain and Latin America, Lali knows how to make the most of her presence on the show and also plays to be the girl of the neighborhood. Mom, I’m done with Montaner!, he shouted in the broadcast last Wednesday, as he looked at the camera. On the other hand, the crowd of fans kept on gathering.