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How has the death of your great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, affected the children of the royal family?

The good-grandchildren of Queen isabel II, the prince george9 a long time old, and the princess charlotte, 7, attended his funeral. Accompanied by his mom, Kate Middleton, who was knowledgeable of them at all periods, the small children were being section of this emotional previous goodbye to their great-grandmother. How has her death affected you?

The little types now attended a funeral last 12 months, that of their great-grandfather, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who handed away at the age of 99. This time they accompanied the family in the farewell of her good-grandmother, with whom the young children experienced a shut relationship. Dressed in black and navy blue, the small children accompanied Kate and Camilla in the auto on the way to Westminster Abbey, where by the funeral was held. It was there that her moms and dads, Prince William and Kate, married many years in the past.

The eyes of the entire world were on the little ones on their arrival at the funeral. George and Charlotte are younger now than her father William, who was 15 when her mother, Princess Diana, died and also had to mourn her in entrance of the earth.

Prince Louis, 4, his younger brother, did not attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral since of his young age.

Kate Middleton mentioned her youngest son would not know how to procedure the death of his excellent-grandmother. The new Princess of Wales spoke with the Australian Governor David Hurley all through a reception at Buckingham Palace in London on Saturday. There, Hurley says that Kate uncovered to him that her youngest son is “inquiring thoughts” about the dying of her legendary fantastic-grandmother.

The boy requested if he can play video games with his grandmother at Balmoral Palace, realizing that she will no for a longer period be there, stories Everyday Mail. Hurley added that Prince George, Kate’s eldest son, is now recognizing the terrific significance of her excellent-grandmother as a historic determine and how beloved she was about the entire world.

Equally Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been critical and crestfallen at their excellent-grandmother’s funeral, along with their mom and dad.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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