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How Emmy Rossum turned into mysterious Hollywood icon ‘Angelie’ (EXCLUSIVE)

How Emmy Rossum turned into mysterious Hollywood icon 'Angelie' (EXCLUSIVE)

The star and executive producer talks to ET about bringing her passion project to life on Peacock.

Emmy turns into Rossum angelanThe enigmatic blonde Hollywood icon in Peacock’s latest limited series, which ends Thursday, May 19. A passion project for the actress and executive producer, the series – on which she has worked for four years – explores “fame, identity, existence, billboards, corvettes, lingerie, men, women, men teasing women, women.” Obsessed with men, West Hollywood, crystals, UFOs and most importantly, pink’s self-proclaimed Rorschach test, glow-in-the-dark queen universe, Angeline.”

“It’s totally a dream project,” Rossum told ET’s Lauren Zima. “The first time I saw Angeline’s billboard was when I was about 13 years old when I was driving around L.A. in a Hertz rental car to audition with my mom. And it was this image of this woman that permeated through her image. had captivated the entire city with its billboards, which spread joy like the unicorns of L.A. in a pink corvette”

“She makes people smile and enlivens the spirit wherever she goes and there is something incredibly profound about the power in which she made her mark and defined herself. But also others to give her that definition. What they see in him is a mirror in him and says more about the person who is looking at him than it does about him,” she said. “She’s ultimately a really, really attractive person. She’s the original influencer. She was the first person to raise her hand and say, ‘I have something to share with the world and it’s me. I want to share myself’ I am leaving the world. My energy, my spirit, my fierce commitment to the positive.'”

A 35-year-old star named Angeline – whose true story was revealed Hollywood Reporter Dive deeper into 2017which served as the basis for the series — “Ultimate Fantasy.”

“What I find most interesting about her is that there were these rumors about who she was, where she was from, and she did nothing to dispel those rumors because she knew they fostered mystery around her.” Had helped to deliver,” Rossum praised. “She’s done the impossible, keeping that mystery and that suspense for decades. I absolutely love her as I’m sure you can tell. I’m a little fangirl and want to play her and bring up a character.” Life based on his mythology is really nothing less than a dream come true.”

Isabella Vosmikova/Peacock

Rossum recalled meeting real-life Angeli at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel as she prepared to step into her heels.

“By that time I had read every interview of her, I had seen her in every movie she made and documentaries that were made about her and I bought her meditation tapes on eBay and basically memorized them in many bubbles Had a shower session. I was more prepared for the meeting, I guess you could say, and I showed up an hour earlier. She was on time, but she was delayed because she was selling merch to fans out of the trunk of her car Was waiting for that, which I loved,” Rossum shared.

“And when I sat down, she said, ‘Well, why do you have to work so hard to play me?’ And I just thought Therefore, Because he’s not only a savvy businessman and totally authentic and totally unconventional. But, he is also the epitome of positivity and fun and fairy tale. He described himself as a mirror and told me everything I saw in him, although I was inspired by his image and his stories, this is the show I should make.”

Angeline has an incredibly distinctive look – from her voluminous, wavy blonde locks to her bright pink, skin-tight outfits to her sensuous chest to her unique voice. Rossum went through a drastic transformation process to become the titular heroine.

He said of his elaborate approach, “There’s a physical aspect to it and then there’s a vocal aspect to it. We really wanted to authentically respect and recreate her billboard poses and embody her spirit.” ” “We had an incredible hair and makeup team and costume designers, who helped bring it to life with the help of our director and our showrunner. We did as many tests as I get to play her in both directions as I age, so Some mornings I was in the chair for three hours. Some mornings I was in the chair for seven hours before I went to work. For me it was an opportunity to really ease my way into the work day and connect with something positive and fun. Seeing myself for it’s really an out-of-body experience and No look at yourself It’s quite liberating.”

Rossum credits Angeli for being “the original gangster when it comes to this”. [being an influencer],

“She was the first person who raised her hand and said, ‘I’m going to be famous for being myself, not something I do.’ And before that she made movies and she continues to make music and paint art, but that’s really art. She’s dedicated her life to being a living, breathing piece of performance art and I think art serves to inspire people,” she said, before addressing comparisons to people like the Kardashians who came after. “Influencers are arguably one of the most powerful components of pop culture, which is basically just culture now, and so I think the hyper-curation of an image, the styling, the way an image can make people feel and Being committed to him can change his status, you can see his influence in all the women who came after him. Apart from the fact that there are small comparisons, right? That they love pink cars. . It’s something that’s kind of pop and whimsical where he started it before everyone else.”

angelan Premieres Thursday, May 19 on Peacock.

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