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How does Odalys García look today? (PHOTOS)

  • Driver of ‘Lente Loco’
  • What happened to Odalys García?
  • looks unrecognizable

The popular program of the 90’s and 2000’s “Lente Loco” transmitted by Univisión, marked the era of a great generation, because fun and entertainment for children and adults were guaranteed in each broadcast. It also crossed borders and became a TV phenomenon. Recently, the question has arisen to know what Odalys García looks like today? the beautiful presenter of the show, here we show you the photos, she looks unrecognizable!

The beautiful Cuban Odalys García presented “Lente Loco” together with the Puerto Rican Raymond Arrieta, a program dedicated to taking jokes to another level and giving viewers a pleasant moment full of joy and laughter.

The beautiful driver of “Lente Loco”

The beautiful host of "Lente Loco"

The innovative format included well-prepared jokes, which had various actors, scenery and a perfect plot to make each of its victims fall. Best of all, it was completely recorded and ready to cause laughter and be broadcast on Univisión.

Thirty years after its first broadcast, “Lente Loco” lives on in the memory of hundreds of family members who gathered to enjoy said program, who also appreciated delighting in the beauty of Odalys García and Raymond’s charisma.

Click here to see a memory of “Lente Loco”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Oa-czoCNQ

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