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How does Kanye West feel about Pete Davidson’s outing with himself and Kim Kardashian’s son Saint?

Kanye “Ye” West wasn’t happy seeing his son out with Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend. A source told ET that the 45-year-old is “very upset” with rapper Pete Davidson.was out with st And that they were photographed together.”

“He feels very hurt and has expressed his feelings to Kim,” the source says. “Kim doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with watching Pete’s kids do this and wants them all to do it.”

In addition to Saint, 6, Kim and Kanye share North, 8, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3.

As for the kids, the source says they also “love Pete and have a lot of fun with him.”

“Kim waits to introduce them, but has full confidence in Pete with them,” says the source. “He really cares about his family and kids. He’s not worried and he’s happy that he wants to be a part of their lives.”

The source notes that Pete, who apparently got a tattoo of the initials of Kim and Kanye’s children, “is willing to meet and talk to Kanye if it will help.”

“Pete totally has Kim’s back and will do whatever he wants and knows it’s up to him,” says the 28-year-old comedian. “Pete just won’t take any crap from Kanye and doesn’t want Kim either.”

Kim’s family is also in a relationship, with the source telling ET that Pete “gets along with his sisters and Chris [Jenner] and blank [Gamble],

“They all love her and think that Kim has never been happier,” the source says of Kim’s family. “They think Kim needed Pete after Kanye. Her friends and family tell her how much they love how happy she is. Kim is constantly in a good mood and smiling.”

Meanwhile, 41-year-old Kim is “very happy and loves being with Pete,” according to the source.

“Kim has laughed with Pete more than she has over the years. It has changed her whole life,” says the source. “She feels like she’s been the best thing for him. She’s really just in the moment and not too caught up in the future.”

“He has amazing chemistry, he’s so cute and there’s no drama. It’s refreshing. She thinks he’s such a nice, good guy,” says the source. “Kim also loves how Pete can handle fame so well between his career and being in the public eye from his previous relationships. He supports everything he does.”

The source notes that Pete is equally “happy” and “telling his friends that Kim has become one of his best friends.”

“He thinks he has such a good soul and is absolutely beautiful,” the source says of the former. saturday night live Star. “He never expected to date her and had such deep feelings for her. He thinks it’s too wild in the best way.”

Watch the video below for more on the couple.

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