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How do you say Happy New Year in different languages?

How do you say Happy New Year in different languages?

exist more than 40 languages ​​besides Spanish how do you say Happy New Year. This is useful in times when it is common to have friends in all parts of the world.

Today we bring you a compilation of Info languages with different ways to say happy new year Countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. They also provide the pronunciation to send the New Year greeting out loud.

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How do you wish a Happy New Year in Europe?

  • In German: Happy new year / cheers new year – What is pronounced: Ain gu-tes Yar (the “r” is hardly vocalized) / Prost noi-yar (same case: the “r” from “cheers” and “new year” is hardly heard).
  • In Catalan: Good day – What is pronounced: Bon añ no.
  • On Czech: tastný nový rok – What is pronounced: es-tast-ni no-vi rok (soft ‘r’).
  • In Croatian: Uspješna nova Godina – What is pronounced: oops-yes-no-va go-di-na.
  • In Danish: Godt nytar – What is pronounced: Have ni-to.
  • In Basque: Urte Berri on – What is pronounced: Ur-te be-rri.
  • In Slovak: astný nový rok – What is pronounced: S-tast-ni no-vi rok (soft ‘r’).
  • In Slovenian: Srečno novo leto – What is pronounced: S-rech-no no-vo le-to.
  • In Finnish: Onnellista uutta vuotta – What is pronounced: O-ne-les-ta uu-ta vuo-ta.
  • In French: Bonne Anne – What is pronounced: Bon a-ne.
  • In Galician: Happy Aninovo – What is pronounced: Fe-liz A-ni-no-vo (that is, as it is).
  • In Greece: αλή χρονιά – What is pronounced: Ka-li cro-nia.
  • In Dutch: Gelukkig nieuwjaar – What is pronounced: Ge-lu-fass niu-yaa.
  • In Hungary: Boldog új évet – What is pronounced: Bol-doj ui e-vet.
  • In English: Happy New Year – What is pronounced: Ja-pi niu yier (in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and all English-speaking countries).
  • In Italian: Felice anno nuovo / buon anno nuovo – What is pronounced: Fe-li-che a-no nuo-vo / Buon a-no-nuo-vo.
  • In Norwegian: Godt nyttår – What is pronounced: Got Ni-Tar.
  • In Polish: Szczesliwego nowego Roku – What is pronounced: Es-te-les-ti-vae-go no-be-go ro-ku.
  • In Portuguese: Happy New Year – What is pronounced: Fe-lis a-no no-vo (the ‘v’ is halfway between the Castilian ‘v’ and ‘f’ when pronounced).
  • In Romanian: The mulţi ani – What is pronounced: The multia-ni.
  • In Russian: С новым годом – What is pronounced: S no-vum go-dom.
  • In Swedish: God nytt år – What is pronounced: Have not ar.

How do you wish a Happy New Year in Asia?

  • In Mandarin Chinese: 新年 快 – What is pronounced: Xin-nian-kuai.
  • In Korean: 새해 복 많이 받으세요 – What is pronounced: See heh bok ma-ni bat uh se-yo.
  • In Filipino: Manigong Bagong Taon – What is pronounced: Ma-ní-gon ba-gon taon.
  • In Hebrew: שנה טובה – What is pronounced: Sa-na to-ba (we include it in this section because Israel, the predominant territory of this language, is geographically in Asia).
  • In Hindi: नये साल की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें – What is pronounced: Nei sal ki sub-kam-nae.
  • In Indonesian: Selamat tahun baru – What is pronounced: S-la-mat ta-jun bar-ru (curious song: Indonesian has been using the Latin alphabet since 1945, before it had its own).
  • In Japanese: あ け ま し て お め で と う ご ざ い ま す – What is pronounced: a-ke-mash-te o-me-de-to o-sai-mas.
  • In Persian: سال نو مبارک – What is pronounced: sa-le no mo-ba-rak.
  • In Thai: สวัสดี ปี ใหม่ – What is pronounced: Sa-guat-dii pi-mai.
  • In Tibetan: Teshi delek – What is pronounced: Tes-i de-lek.
  • In turkish: Yeni yılınız kutlu olsun – What is pronounced: Ye-ni ris cu-pluo-so.

How do you wish a Happy New Year in Africa?

  • In Afrikaans (South Africa): Gelukkige Nuwejaar – What is pronounced: Ge-lo-ka niu-ve-yar.
  • In Arabic: سنة جديدة سعيدة – What is pronounced: Sa-na ya-dí-da saí-da.
  • In Kirundi: Umwaka mwiza.
  • In Swahili: Heri za mwaka mpya.
  • In Nigerian: Barka gives Sabuwar Shekara.

How do you wish a Happy New Year in other languages?

Different languages ​​that we are collecting here because we either didn’t know where to classify them, or we found them curious enough to distinguish them from one another:

  • At Eskimo: Kiortame pivdluaritlo.
  • In Esperanto: Bonan Novjaron.
  • In Hawaiian: Hauoli makahiki hou.
  • In Latin: Felix sits annus novus.
  • In Guaraní: Rogüerohoria.
  • In Romany: Bangi Vasilica Baxt.

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