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How did Sharna Burgess reach Megan Fox in the first place amid Brian Austin Green romance?

Sharna Burgess is opening up about her relationship with Brian Austin Green’s ex Megan Fox. Sharna and Brian sit down with Nick Viall for their latest episode vial files On the podcast, where they talked about their relationship, Sharna reached out to Megan and how Brian and Megan have been co-parenting since their split.

“We just sat and had coffee and breakfast and talked, we didn’t kiss, we didn’t try to rush it, we just took our time,” Sharna said of the couple’s slow start. “And then I think the fifth date was our first kiss.”

As the couple gets to know each other more, Sharna decides to reach out to Megan, which she said midnight in switchgrass Appreciate the actress.

“After dating for about four or five months I was like, ‘Can I have Megan’s number? I’d love to text her… I’d love to reach out and say, ‘Hey, I’m around you. Hoon kids all the time, if you ever want to know anything about me or if you ever want to get coffee, let me know. If there’s any way I can help you be a part of this situation, let me know, ‘ dancing with the Stars Supporters share. “And I think he really appreciated it, he said ‘thank you,’ and he thanked me for being great with my kids too.”

Brian and Megan split in May of 2020, and while it was tough for them Beverly Hills, 90210 Alum, he told Viall that therapy and not seeing the relationship as a failure, actually helped him heal.

“I think the big thing for me was therapy. I was really trying to figure out what went wrong in that relationship, rather than what things I didn’t like about me and what I wanted to do before my next relationship. wanted to do better. I really chose not to look at that situation as any kind of failure because it was a 15-year relationship, we have three beautiful kids, so at the end of the day it was really amazing,” Brian Told. “I didn’t really take it because it fell apart or something went wrong. I think sometimes it’s a natural progression of relationships with people. You keep them for that time in your life, and you You are on the same path as anyone… and then suddenly you are separated.”

Despite the ups and downs of their public divorce, Brian and Megan—who have since moved on with Machine Gun Kelly—have worked out a co-parenting plan, which leads to Sharna, who shares her first child with Brian. Is expecting, said is a big credit to the pair as parents.

“Megan and I, with what we do professionally, we don’t have the same schedule as a lot of other people… If she has to travel for work and she’s gone for a week and a half, then It’s very important to me that the kids see their mom when she’s back in town,” Brian explained.

“What I respect so much about Brian and Megan is that these kids are the number one priority of all time…,” Sharna said. “It’s really beautiful to look at and it’s a huge credit to them.”

Sharna and Brian will soon be adding another little one to the mix. The pair announced they were expecting back in February, after sharing photos from a shoot in Hawaii that showed off Sharna’s growing baby bump.

The new addition will be the first for Sharna and the fifth for Brian, who shares with Megan the sons of Noah, 9, Bohdi, 7 and Journey, 5. Brian is also the father of a 19-year-old son, Cassius, with the former Vanessa Marcil.

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