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How did Sergio Vega die? They reveal the tragic end of ‘El Shaka’

  • How did Sergio Vega die?
  • 12 years after his death they confirm how many shots he received.
  • They assure that they assassinated him as in a narcocorrido.

How did Sergio Vega die? One of the most famous and recognized singers within the Mexican region was Sergio Vega, who had a tragic end after having his life taken from him by people who were part of organized crime, although several years have passed since the terrible moment, many still have the doubt of how he died.

A theme that continues to cause echo is the chilling murder of Sergio Vega, a Mexican singer who was also known as ‘El Shaka’. After it became known that the interpreter had died, various doubts surrounding his death began to arise, for which new details have recently been revealed.

Who is Sergio Vega? Known as ‘The Shaka’

How did Sergio Vega die?

His full name was José Sergio Vega Cuamea, born in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, on September 12, 1969, according to the portal of The Herald of Mexico. Within music, he specialized in the Sinaloan banda styles and, of course, the norteño genre.

His debut began in bars in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, but he did not do it alone, since he began performing alongside his brothers. It was not until 1989 that he professionally started with the Hermanos Vega group, under the label of the label called Joey Records. Filed Under: How Sergio Vega died.

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