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How did La Voz Argentina and Canta Conmigo Ahora go?

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Tuesday night, a new arm wrestling match between eltrece and Telefé, or to put it another way, a new round between Marcelo Tinelli and his sing with me now and Marley with The Argentine Voice.

The Argentine Voice (Telefe) was the most watched of the day, with an average -according to Ibope’s measurements- of 13.4 rating points. He followed it Telefe News (11.4)in third place was The 8 million steps (11.3, the thirteen). Fourth was fugitive (11.1, Telefe). And the fifth position went to sing with me now (10.1the thirteen).

At the beginning of the prime time schedule, the favored ones were the coaches Lali Espósito, Ricardo Montaner, Soledad Pastorutti and the brothers Mau and Ricky. While fugitive he won heads-up The 8 million steps with even but low values ​​compared to previous days: from 11 points to 10.

Marcelo Tinelli commands "Sing With Me Now" by eltrece.  Press: eltrece

Marcelo Tinelli commands “Sing With Me Now” by eltrece. Press: eltrece

As the songs pass

The Argentine voice It started at 10:34 p.m. and two minutes later Tinelli and his hundred jurors appeared on the screen. After several minutes of both air cycles they were tied at 11 points and then the ball channel battles went to first place with 14.3 against 10.

The 100-member jury, a key ingredient in the operation of "Canta..." Photo: Eltrece Press

The 100-member jury, a key ingredient in the operation of “Canta…” Photo: Eltrece Press

-At 23:00, sing with me now grew up at 11 points and while its competitor went down to the 13.9 points.

-When the clock struck 11:15 p.m. on August 2, Marcelo Tinelli dropped to one digit and reached 9.6 pointsviewers tuned in to Telefe and its numbers they went up to 14.8.

-Eltrece quickly went to two digits and around 11:30 p.m. 10.4 against 13.8 of The Argentine voicewhich fell but then rose again to the 14 points.

Already at the end of the night, sing with me now continued around 10 points, 9.9 to be precise. And Telefe closed the day with 13 and raised the winner’s trophy.

Marley celebrates the good moment of "La Voz Argentina", by Telefe.  Press: Telefe

Marley celebrates the good moment of “La Voz Argentina”, by Telefe. Press: Telefe

the ranking

The day of Tuesday, August 2 left the following general ranking:

  1. phone (9.7)
  2. the thirteen (7.1)
  3. The nine (2.5)
  4. America (two)
  5. Public TV (0.5)
  6. nettv (0.5)
  7. BravoTV (0.2).

L-Gante to Marce: “Your daughter told me you were made of iron”

But numbers aside, every singing reality show has those moments where the exchange with the participants or the jury leaves gems like the one Tinelli experienced with L-Gante.

On this occasion, the driver spoke with L-Gante and was surprised by what he said on the air: “I would love to know how to dance rock. I’m made of wood, I’m just like you, she told me. She said you were made of iron”, Launched the singer, sending Cande Tinelli to the front.

L-Ghent had a fun time with Cande Tinelli.

L-Ghent had a fun time with Cande Tinelli.

It was then that the presenter did not hesitate to ask Cande: “My daughter, did you tell her that I dance badly and that I am a disaster?”, he inquired. And Coti Sorokin’s partner tried to get around the moment with a lot of humor: “What’s hard for you, capable. I wanted to say that you are made of iron, strong”, she acknowledged.

Like most of the participants who signed up to show their talent in sing with me nowMartín Abascal (a 32-year-old from Uruguay) also came to the stage to delight the 100 jurors of the program.

And he achieve it! The actor and singer sang the theme Now who and was able to dazzle several figures such as Locho Loccisano, Manuel Wirtz, El Tirri, Cristian Castro, El Puma, Gladys La Bomba Tucumana and Coti Sorokinamong others: “What you achieved is that Alejandro Parker stopped and it is the first time”, Marcelo Tinelli observed, showing the great acceptance that the contestant achieved.

However, after Tinelli wanted to know why her daughter Cande was one of those who did not stand up or give her vote, she was honest with a hilarious answer: “I want to talk because something very crazy happened,” she began by saying.

“Cristian Castro, who is next to me, sang to me at the same time as Martín. And I’m very sensitive, so I got into the subject a lot and I hung up. And all of a sudden I saw how the lyrics were ending and it was like ‘oh’ and I didn’t get there. But I swear this is not real, I mean, I upvoted you, but I forgot. She left me. Sorry!“, hill.


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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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