Home Entertainment How did Juana Viale and Iván de Pineda do?

How did Juana Viale and Iván de Pineda do?

How did Juana Viale and Iván de Pineda do?

The Copa América final once again altered the prime time programming Saturday on Argentine air TV. As happened last week, Telefe decided to raise PH: we can talk and overtake Pass word, famous edition. And, at 9 p.m., time for the game to start, aired a three-hour special of Doctor Miracle, the trendy Turkish soap opera.

El Trece also repeated the strategy of seven days ago. Mirtha’s night He advanced his starting time and put first at 19.30 with a special edition entitled “The preview of the final”, to try to compete not only with Iván de Pineda, but also with Public TV.

That is why there was no table or four guests linked to the present. Juana Viale received the actor Nazareno Mottola and Claudio “Turco” García -which was part of the champion teams of the 1991 and 1993 editions of the continental competition- to beat the decisive match between Argentina and Brazil.

The Special Edition Of La Noche De Mirtha Featured Nazareno Mottola And Claudio &Quot;Turco&Quot; García.

The special edition of La noche de Mirtha featured Nazareno Mottola and Claudio “Turco” García.

Today we are all with the blue and white on, because Argentina plays and because yesterday was our Independence Day. Very happy day! I came without contraction, to be able to play ball“The host of her grandmother’s program warned today.

On a more relaxed night, similar to Sunday lunches, It was sought to combine humor with football anecdotes from the hand of Mottola and García. But the cycle started at its lowest floor of the year, with 4.1 rating points, in third place in the band behind the previous one on the public channel and Pass word.

The cycle of Iván de Pineda opted for strong names, characters who are friends of the program and the channel. Sol Pérez, Benito Fernández and María O’Donnell made up a team; and Georgina Barbarossa, José María Muscari and “Paulina Cocina”, the other.

In The Final Rosco Of Pasapalabra, Famous Edition, María O'Donell And Paulina Cocina Faced Each Other.  Photo: Capture

In the final rosco of Pasapalabra, famous edition, María O’Donell and Paulina Cocina faced each other. Photo: Capture

Like Mirtha’s night, the entertainment cycle of Telefe started with very low audience numbers relative to other weekends. At about 7:45 p.m., although he led the band, he scored 5.8.

It seemed that it was going to be a complicated night for El Trece and Telefe. Because everything indicated that as the time of the end approached, the viewer was going to turn en masse to Public TV or TyC Sports, the two signals that emitted the final that Argentina won by 1 to 0.

However, after 8 pm, less than an hour from Brazil-Argentina, so much Pass word What Mirtha’s night They raised their numbers to 7.4 and 6.3 respectively. At least for a while, they had the pleasure of beating football, which came in third place with 5.2.

&Quot;The Copa América Preview&Quot;, With The Humor Of Mottola And García, Measured 4.9 Points.

“The Copa América preview”, with the humor of Mottola and García, measured 4.9 points.

A few minutes later, there were no longer equivalences. The images of Lionel Scaloni’s team warming up at the Maracana Stadium began to climb to 12.3 points, doubling the numbers of the final rosco between María O’Donnell and Paulina Cocina, and tripling those of Juana Viale.

This Sunday the final averages for Saturday were known. It is clear that the triumph of the Argentine National Team and the celebrations after Lionel Messi’s first Copa América with the Albiceleste broadly led the rating table.

Brazil-Argentina On Public Tv Was The Most Watched On Saturday With An Average Rating Of 27.1.  (Ap Photo / Andre Penner)

Brazil-Argentina on Public TV was the most watched on Saturday with an average rating of 27.1. (AP Photo / Andre Penner)

The game was the most watched on Saturday with an average of 27.1 and peaks that exceeded 31 points (only on Public TV). In second place was The Cup Show with 13.7. Pass word barely he scratched fifth place for the day with 6.8.

And Juana Viale’s special broadcast had an average of 4.9. Both cycles posted their lowest rating numbers so far this season.