Home Entertainment How Claribel Medina was seen on her return to driving

How Claribel Medina was seen on her return to driving

How Claribel Medina was seen on her return to driving

A player of the entire court as an actress and singer, Claribel Medina returned to the small screen to play another of the roles with which she became better known on television: the driver.

Medina started the new year at the head of The problem show, who goes every afternoon for Elnueve, replacing Nicolas Magaldi, who left that space after five years. Produced by KAZ Entertainment Argentina, the format of talk show which is based on the resolution of conflicts of all kinds fits Claribel like a glove.

She is accompanied by a panel made up of “Yuyito” González, Ivo Cutzarida and the therapist Silvia Freire: this year the astrologer Jimena La Torre also joined to comment on the personality of the participants who come to the cycle with their cases.

Halfway between fiction and reality, with fictionalized and / or dramatized conflicts, Claribel moves like a fish in water in the format. Her training as an actress allows her to come and go with the issues that are presented, very naturally.

Claribel Medina Resumed Her Job As A Host With A Somewhat Bizarre Talk Show.  Photo: Tv Capture

Claribel Medina resumed her job as a host with a somewhat bizarre talk show. Photo: TV Capture

A) Yes Claribel knows how to adjust the most dramatic, suspenseful or tense tones, according to what is happening between the participants and not let the situation get out of hand. His years of work on the small screen is not in vain.

Her past as a driver

Claribel Medina’s experience as a host is as broad as that of an actress. Already at the beginning of her career, in the 1980s, in her native Puerto Rico, she alternated her work as an actress in theater and in soap operas with her role as a host.

Later, already installed in Argentina, it was one of the first of the brood of actors and actresses who also began to dabble in conducting between one job and another. Thus, for more than two decades, there were a few programs in which Claribel was at the forefront on different channels.

Among others, he led The great proposal (Telefe), 12 hearts (The thirteen), Forever … neither alone nor alone (The Thirteen) and Matter of weight (The thirteen). All programs were interspersed with works of fiction in They are loves, Los Roldán, Nobody’s women, For love of you, The only ones, among others, in addition to participation in realities Your face is familiar to me Y Singing for a Dream.

His unmistakable Caribbean accent, his histrionics and his sympathy are some of the tools that Claribel uses to host the talk show, a genre that has quite particular rules. For example, the screams that are heard behind the camera, in the best style of the laughs of decades ago, that encourage or boo some of the participants.

As has already happened in other cycles and, without fear of exaggeration, Claribel has no qualms about challenging those in the studio by presenting their conflict, if someone seems to be disrespectful, especially for the type of situations that come to the program, but It is also capable of resuming, immediately, its sweetest tone and keep going without missing a beat.

Claribel Medina New Host Of &Quot;The Problem Show.&Quot; Photo: Tv Capture

Claribel Medina new host of “The problem show.” Photo: TV capture

“We’re still going, we’re still going,” the actress repeated, haranguing herself on her debut in The problem show Y accompanying his return to television with a dance, after passing through the Singing 2020 in the middle of the pandemic and with her daughter Agostina Alarcón.

On his return to driving, Claribel already found a catchphrase that repeats mantra type. The actress installed the wordOverwhelming!, said to the camera with a gesture and a ditto tone to start giving the cycle its own brand.

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