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How Britney Spears feels about reuniting with mom Lynne for the holidays

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Will Britney Spears be home for Christmas? Most likely not, an insider flipped EXCLUSIVELY to HL, revealing how the Princess of Pop has “no desire” to see her mother Lynne or “any member of her family” for the holidays.

Home for the holidays? Apparently not for Britney spears, 39 years old and mom Lynne spears, 66, a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife. “Britney has no idea if Lynne would like to see her and celebrate the vacation together as a family, but it doesn’t really matter one way or the other,” they shared. “Britney made it clear that she didn’t want to see her mother, or any of her family for that matter. The only people who matter in Britney’s life are [her fiancé] sat [Asghari] and his boys [Jayden and Sean]. “

Lynne Spears
Lynne Spears attends the ‘Women Rock!’ Lifetime TV Concert, 2004. (Jim Smeal / BEI / Shutterstock)

The source continued, “Britney thinks all of these public cries are completely wrong and just a show for everyone because they know Britney has such a huge fan base. She thinks they are doing it to protect themselves, and not because they really care about Britney or her welfare, “they revealed.” If they had, she wouldn’t have had to fight her guardianship for so many years. . “

Lynne was also spotted recently at LAX by TMZ, quietly dodging questions about seeing her daughter for the holidays. The media reported that Lynne was in town to spend Thanksgiving with her son, Bryan spears, 44, and that Brian is still close to Brit, making Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family a possibility. The guest list, however, has apparently “not been defined,” so we’ll have to stay tuned to see if the family are able to put their differences aside.

Britney broke her silence about her mother Lynne’s involvement in the guardianship that dominated her life for 13 years in an Instagram post deleted since November 2. “[My] dad may have started guardianship 13 years ago… but what people don’t know is that it was my mom who gave him the idea !!!! ” Britney wrote in the caption of the deleted post. “I will never get those years back…. she secretly ruined my life, ”Britney said.

“And yes, I’m going to call her and Lou Taylor on that,” Britney added in her caption, referring to the Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group CEO, 56, who once served as its commercial director. “So take your whole ‘I have NO IDEA of what’s going on’ attitude and fuck yourself !!!! You know exactly what you have done.

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