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How are the new TV duels

How are the new TV duels

With or without a pandemic, the great television war continues to be about ratings, that number that haunts everyone on the screen, which is measured tenth by tenth and that can define the fortunes of a program in a matter of days or weeks. Within that war there are battles, and each time slot has its own, some more even and others clearly unequal.

Gone are the times when all eyes were only on the prime time. Now, every minute of television that serves to add rating is cared for like a treasure. Thus, each time slot has its most spicy direct competition, and each point won is a triumph that is celebrated in a big way.

The first battle of the day

The morning has her face to face with THE M (at 11, El Trece) and Team flower (at 11.30, Telefe). Since it regained its traditional space, the program led by Angel De Brito once again gained some ground that El Trece had lost while it was Mariana’s, in the air.

Although the De Brito cycle, accompanied by “las angelitas”, has the focus on entertainment news and entertainment, the program hosted by Florencia Peña is more committed to a general information magazine format, also with panelists, but from different areas.

&Quot;Team Flower&Quot; Wins The Morning Duel Against &Quot;Lam&Quot;.

“Team flower” wins the morning duel against “LAM”.

Both coincide in being a source of extra information from other cycles of the channel: in Team flower, the presence of Marcelo Polino guarantees the extra data on the most viewed cycles, such as The Argentine Voice now and MasterChef Celebrity, before, to which adds the current humor with Campi.

For its part, in THE M, information abounds about what happens in The academy, mainly, behind the scenes of the cycle that Marcelo Tinelli leads through El Trece.

In this first strong duel of the day, Peña’s cycle tends to be imposed, by a small difference, over its heaviest opponent: on Monday it measured 5.5 compared to 4.9 of THE M.

The evening rounds

The afternoon segment became another trophy to be disputed. In the first strip, those who compete hand-in-hand are 100 Argentines say (El Trece), led by Darío Barassi, and Cut for Lozano (Telefe), with Verónica Lozano at the head of her team, both at 2.30pm.

Darío Barassi, 100 Argentines Say &Quot;Prevails In His Strip In Front Of&Quot; Cortá Por Lozano &Quot;

Darío Barassi, 100 Argentines say “prevails in his strip in front of” Cortá por Lozano ”

In this case, they are two completely different styles, but they point to the same audience: the pure entertainment of the question and answer cycle in which different families participate in front of the classic magazine, to which the host is accustomed, with current information, interviews, guests, notes of color, and dating on the canal’s workhorses.

In this second heads up of the day, the numbers benefit 100 Argentines say that, slowly, was imposing itself in its strip, with unusual numbers for that time, thanks to the charisma of the driver and the dynamic format of the cycle. In last Monday’s measurements, Barassi’s program won with little margin: 7.8 compared to 7.5 that he scored Cut for Lozano.

The afternoon continues with The divorcees club driven by Laurita Fernández and The great prize of the kitchen, by El Trece, that compete against the telenovelas combo of Telefe.

That duel between Laurita’s format, which does not finish finding an axis, and the cooking contest, in front of the fictions, Turkish productions take it Zuleyha Y War of roses, which is now joined by the Brazilian Sweet ambition, that, with an average between 9 and 10 points, usually double their opponents.

War Of Roses.  The Telefe Telenovela Combo Wins The Battle Of Its Schedule Against The El Trece Cycles.

War of roses. The Telefe telenovela combo wins the battle of its schedule against the El Trece cycles.

The evening slot closes with two cycles dedicated to entertainment: Pass word (Telefe), with Iván de Pineda at the helm, and Welcome aboard, hosted by Guido Kaczka. With very different styles, both always have famous guests. The most efficient is Pass word, who wins his segment: on Monday, for example, he measured 10.5 vs 5.4 of Welcome...

And the night came to us

In full prime time, the screen is heating up with other interesting duels. Blessed (Elnueve), hosted by Beto Casella, and The Mammons (America), with Jey Mammón at the helm, they usually fight head-to-head on their 8:30 p.m.. Both cycles coincide in their conductors with good vibes and panelists who know how to accompany.

While Elnueve leans more for his reports edited very mischievously on the present, the one from America bets on the guests and good chemistry with Jey to surprise by responding and singing together. Blessed achieves daily averages that are around 4 points and The Mammoneyes, they move around 3.

Then come the hours of “the most seen of the day”, with the Turkish strip Doctor Miracle, followed by reality The Argentine Voice, both by Telefe, who are imposed in front of The eight steps Y The academy, by El Trece.

The difference is usually wide, such as last Monday, when Telefe measured 17.6 and 18.8, respectively, compared to 7.1 in Guido Kaczka’s cycle, which delivers one million pesos a day and 7.6, from reality dance, on the other side.

Doctor Miracle.  The Successful Turkish Soap Opera Does Not Give Up Its Place As The Winner Of Its Strip.

Doctor Miracle. The successful Turkish soap opera does not give up its place as the winner of its strip.

The weekends are no longer calm in terms of ratings and the channels are also betting on playing hard to get fully into the search for ratings on Saturdays and Sundays.

On Saturdays they already have their own night duel installed with Mirtha’s night (The Thirteen) and PH (Telefe), that more than once the guests dispute. But, in general, the dinner on Saturday, now in charge of Juana Viale, tends more to political and current issues, and the cycle of Andy Kusnetzoff points to the emotional and funny anecdotes of the famous.

In the last weeks, PH managed to prevail over The night...and on the last Saturday in July it reached 11.7 compared to 6.5.

Sunday night has its own battle between 100 Argentines say, famous version, followed by Ppt (Jorge Lanata’s journalist), in El Trece, in front of Done deal, hosted by Lizy Tagliani, and The Argentine Voice. The first combo is usually between 7 and 8 points, while the second, by Telefe, is imposed above 10 for Lizy and 15 for the singing reality.