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“House of Hammer is pretty awful and scary” – Casey Hammer

The series of abuses that weigh on the Hammer was recorded in a documentary that reached hbo max to give a voice to the women who have been victims of this powerful and influential lineage in the United States; especially to Casey Hammera member of the family who decided to share his testimony to heal his own wounds, and at the same time, prevent the continuation of this wave of aggression that has taken place from generation to generation.

In an exclusive interview with MILLENNIUMCasey commented that she took this step seven years ago when she shared her story in the book Surviving My Birthright, time after Discovery He proposed to take the case to the screen, along with the testimonies of other women who pointed to Armie Hammer for sexual abuse and cannibalism. the actor of Call me by your name he is Casey’s nephew and had to step away from the Hollywood spotlight in 2021.

“The book was for me like writing a journal that helped me heal and understand everything that I had experienced in my life. As you see, House of Hammer it’s pretty horrible and scary. It is very hard to realize that your mother was aware of what was happening and there was no one there to protect you; I really needed to write it down and see how that could help me; then I published it,” said Casey, about how the idea for the documentary came about.

“It was a very liberating empowering moment and it meant a lot to me,” Casey recalled of the book’s launch. But the story would not remain only on the pages, over time the acts of the Hammer drew attention: in a digital world it was impossible for history to remain in the shadows. Account @Thezenblonde revived the case on TikTok and the videos related to the actor from The Social Network they went viral.

“I had a very quiet life, until one of my co-workers told me: ‘Casey, you need to speak up, because someone on TikTok is blowing up your life.‘, And I did not know what to do. And when I saw @Thezenblonde live reading my book I was surprised: then in two hours it went viral. I saw it as an opportunity to support victims and women to heal, it’s a way to show that there are different types of abuse,” she added.

Faces we see…

armie He was one of the promises of international cinema, but his career took a turn when “he began to appear in the press and talk about what he was doing; they contacted me for a comment, but that was not the reason why I wrote the book, it was about empowering victims and the documentary is a torch that holds men responsible, especially men Hammer who have been doing this kind of thing for years and getting away with it for their money and powerCasey said.

During the Interview, Casey She emphasized that her intention in sharing her family’s story and the abuses to which she was exposed for decades is to empower women, “I know they are afraid and I don’t blame them, I am here to say that they can do it and it is not necessary. suffer in silence, it is about letting them know that they are heard and that they are not alone. When I look back, my childhood, I realize that I have survived a lot, just like them”, she says moved.

Casey narrates the abuse and violence exerted by her father, and also the position that women play in a patriarchal system. The wave of abuses by this dynasty dates back to Armand Hammeran oil industry tycoon who was involved in various illicit activities, including money laundering, bribery, and the violence he and his descendants exercised against women outside and within his family.

Growing up in the Hammer family was not the best, the women of the Hammer family were disposable, as decorations; as long as you dressed well and looked pretty, you were fine, you were like a prop on someone’s arm or a photo opportunity, because my grandfather was very, very powerful and I couldn’t go to the neighbors door and say: ‘Hey, do you do this to your family?’ I assumed that’s how all families were”, he confessed.

“When I started speaking in front of the camera, for the first time in my life, I thought I was fine and suddenly I wasI started throwing up my life in front of the camera and people I don’t know and I was crying; being a hammerwe could never express emotions, or cry in public, that was a sign of weakness, they threatened me with physical harm or mental manipulation, “he said.

No matter how well he thought he was, he needed help. Now I meditate and do yoga, but the body takes over and gives you PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and guilt; Victims who have suffered any kind of abuse, we don’t know what is happening, I thought I was going to die or something horrible was going to happen; it’s about trusting yourself and knowing that you can survive, ”explained Casey Hammer.

stop the clan

Casey confirmed that it has been difficult to face the Hammer clan, and despite her fears, the time has come to stop this generational violence, “I’ve been through this for 61 years and I’ve reached a point in life where it’s not that I gave up, but I had conversations with myself about why this happened, why I have this family; You have no idea how hard it was for me to admit that I wasn’t okay and that my life was traumatizing.”

He added: “The Hammer men have a lot of money and power, they have lawyers and a lot of influence, but I really think the universe is telling me, ‘No, you’re not done yet, do something good with your life.’ And I’m excited to be a part of something so strong that it’s going to change people’s opinions about the Hammer family, about men in general, about men of power, about bullies. It is time to say enough! This cannot continue.

The victims

The documentary includes the voices of women who had direct contact with Armie Hammer, including Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison; in addition to Wendy Williams and other people close to the family.

The nephew

Armie Hammer shot to fame with call me by your namein 2017, alongside Timothée Chalamet; also participated in Social network (2010), mirror, mirror (2012), Rebecca (2020) and death on the nile (2022).


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