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Horacio Villalobos explodes in opposition to Gustavo Adolfo Infante immediately after controversy on Television set: “disgusting”

Horace Villalobos, famous display host and journalist, has the moment again brought about a stir, mainly because he joined the viewpoints versus Gustavo Adolfo Infante just after his latest actions on the system the sunlight rises against Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana Maria Alvarado. What did you feel of this conflict? We explain to you what the also driver of Come Joy.

And it is that lately the presenter Gustavo Adolfo Infante she starred in a robust controversy by making an attempt to reduce the operate of her colleagues confess that they do not like them and even threaten to leave one of these involved without the need of a job.

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For this motive, from a length, Horacio Villalobos positioned himself on the subject and “wrecked” Gustavo Adolfo Infante in criticism. He classified as “disgusting” what he did towards his companions from Sale el Sol.

“They want us to communicate about the ‘Infamous Amorphous Worm’ lawsuit, which was truly disgusting. Not even hell did he occur in so disgusting. In reality, that is despicable, in reality, and what would have took place, maybe, if almost everything was a montage. There are persons who believe that that it is a setup, Ana María Alvarado, who I like and adore, I noticed her really bewildered, but there are persons, so you can see that there are conspiracy priorities, there are people today who say ‘it’s a setup’ “, the presenter claimed.


Also, he commented that despite the fact that he does not know if it is a montage or not, he thinks it is in pretty bad taste that Kaffie did not get associated in defending them in that difficulty:

“I don’t know if it truly is a established-up or not, what I can explain to you is that it truly is in extremely undesirable taste for four colleagues to struggle, effectively, one remained silent, it was ‘the handsome’ Alex Kaffie, but irrespective of whether women or not, we all should have regard. If it was for a issue of looking for a ranking, then how low and if not, it is also really very low, ”he extra.

Eventually, the host extra that this crisis stains the early morning display:

“What transpires is that following getting out of this disaster it is complicated, a morning program is tainted, but they also know that people today overlook all the things, so it appears to be to me in pretty negative flavor. I believe that that if they are educated people, you have to battle with strategies, not shouting and disqualifying”, he stated.


Ultimately, the driver also pointed out that they should really not halt the fight. He also weighed in on everyone concerned. What do you feel of them?

“At that instant the producer or the producer or whoever was in demand was observing ‘money, money, money’… (Gustavo) is a horror, he is a pretty sinister man, what do not men and women know, what really don’t Is that crystal clear to you?… I have worked with Ana María Alvarado and she’s a first course female, I know Joanna Vega-Biestro from ‘hello and goodbye’, Alex Kaffie appears to be to me to belong to the ‘Amorphous Worm’ class, and ‘Gusano Amorfo’ is a horror for the reason that he is also a human being who usually delivers an agenda, and who is linked to the most horrendous section of the demonstrate, what is additional, let us not chat about him, “he concluded.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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