Home Entertainment Hong Kong censored a chapter of The Simpsons, why?

Hong Kong censored a chapter of The Simpsons, why?

Hong Kong censored a chapter of The Simpsons, why?

The historical cartoon series The Simpsons, which has always had disrespect as one of its trademarks, returned to have something to tell afterwards Hong Kong one chapter censored.

The Hong Kong censored episode of The Simpsons was one in which the yellow family visits Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

The episode has been completely removed from the online video platform Disney + in Hong Kong.

Communication experts fear that censorship will become common there, as in China.

Disney + has been broadcasting in Hong Kong since mid-November.

It was then that the followers of the iconic series realized that this chapter dedicated to China was missing.

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This is the 12th episode of season 16, which first aired in 2005.

In it, Homer’s family travels to the Asian giant in the hope of adopting a child.

Already in China, the Simpsons visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing, where demonstrations for democracy were bloodily suppressed in 1989.

There is a plaque in the episode that says, “Nothing happened in this place in 1989,” with the show’s familiar sarcasm.

It’s not clear if Disney + itself withdrew this episode or if the authorities ordered it.

Unlike China, Hong Kong allowed some artistic and political freedoms.

However, last year Beijing imposed a national security law on him that banned most dissenting opinions.

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