Youtuber Rix is ​​arrested for alleged sexual crime against Nath Campos

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City issued a statement on February 25 announcing the arrest of the youtuber Mexican Rix.

In the statement, it was reported that Ricardo González (Rix) had an arrest warrant against him that was executed by Investigative Police agents.

González is detained in the Oriente Preventive Prison for Men for his probable participation in the crime of attempted rape equated aggravated, says the statement.

At the end of January, the influencer Nath Campos denounced the sexual abuse allegedly committed by Rix, who used narcotics to give Campos to allow him to commit sexual acts without the victim’s consent.

Although the identity of the detainee is not revealed in the statement, the image published on Twitter about the arrest shows the coincidence between the name of the convict, his facial characteristics and the identity of Rix.

The now apprehended was at the disposal of the control judge who required it to determine his legal situation, for the possible commission of the crime registered in 2017 to the detriment of a woman, who denounced him at the Sexual Crimes Investigation OfficeSpecifies the note from the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City.

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