Young people dressed as grandparents to receive COVID vaccine were gamers

Yesterday, a case of a couple of young men who tried to get vaccinated, after disguising themselves as grandparents and trying to deceive the health authorities, a case that raised controversy by people desperately looking for a dose of the drug.

There are people who want to skip the line to receive the vaccine against COVID-19

Remember that Only the elderly, doctors and frontline personnel will receive the COVID-19 vaccine first, however, there are people who cannot wait their turn and want to skip the line.

Once the authorities discovered that both young men disguised themselves, proceeded to take them to prison for identity theft, for which they will face criminal proceedings.

By the way, the events occurred in the Coyoacán mayor’s office in CDMX and the case was picked up at Claudia Sheinbaum’s press conference on April 7.

Amazing! Young Latinos who dressed up as grandparents to receive COVID-19 vaccine were professional gamers

Once both young people have already been processed, the identity of both was finally revealed and it is about Christian alberto ‘N’, 35 and Rubén ‘N’, 31, who were brought to trial for their probable participation in the crimes of identity theft and falsification or alteration and improper use of documents.

But the amazing thing is that These young Latinos weren’t just anyone. It turns out that Rubén was a former FIFA Gamer Champion and Christian has been involved in updates to the game for the Latin American sector. Amazing!

Both gamers were vaccinated; they will have preventive detention

According to the authorities, both subjects went on March 27 to a vaccination center installed in Calzada de la Virgen, in the Alianza Popular Revolucionaria neighborhood, where They showed impressions of birth certificates and CURP that correspond to two direct relatives of Rubén ‘N’.

The latter, would have presented the documentation that corresponds to his father, while Christian Alberto would have delivered those of an uncle, apparently Rubén’s father’s brother.

The above was discovered by a federal public servant, who observed the accused in an unusual and suspicious attitude, after they were vaccinated. For these facts, both will be at least one month in preventive detention.

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