With bikini photos, Rihanna promotes her new book

Reading is essential! And to contribute to the cause, the singer Rihanna took advantage of her social networks to promote her limited edition book posing in some bikini photos.

The interpreter of umbrella, Work Y Only girl She shared this news with her more than 91 million followers on Instagram and with the more than 101 million people who follow her on Twitter.

It is a giant book with photographs of the singer from Barbados, however, it is an exclusive edition, because according to the interpreter only 500 copies of this content were printed.

The images show special moments of Rihanna, such as her presentations, the different outfits she has worn, as well as color and black and white portraits of the musical star.

It’s a piece of art that I’m very proud of, ”Rihanna says on the book’s website.

The images featured in the giant version book show Rihanna from her beginnings in Barbados to her world tours and intimate moments with friends and family.

The book contains more than 1,000 images and more than 500 pages.

Where to buy Rihanna’s giant book? If you want to be one of the 500 people to have Rihanna’s limited edition book, you just have to give click here.

However, the cost of owning this collectible can be high, as it costs 995 pounds plus tax and shipping, which would be about $ 1,300 plus taxes and shipping or about 28,272 pesos plus shipping and taxes.

Here we leave you one of the photos that Rihanna published in a bikini, inside a pool, to promote her new book.

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