Willow Smith joins Travis Barker for new pop-punk song ‘Transparent Soul’

Willow Smith heads in a new direction with her single, “Transparent soul.“The pop-punk track, featuring Travis Barker, is the first song on Smith’s upcoming album and marks an important moment for the singer who was preoccupied with making an alternative rock album.

“I am very grateful for this song because it was created in such an introspective time (during the first months of quarantine),” she said in a press release for the single. “It was the song that showed me that I needed to let go of the insecurities I had about doing a project of this genre.”

While the “Whip My Hair” singer was always trained to sing R&B and pop, her inspiration to pursue rock music comes from a source very close to her home. When Smith was just a baby, he followed his mother, Jada Pinkett Smith’s nu-metal band Wicked Wisdom, on tour. Growing up with the powerful rock sound of Wicked Wisdom paved the way for the 20-year-old’s own musical tastes, which included My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and more.

“I was always so inspired by the power of his voice,” Smith said. “I never felt like I could sing that kind of music because I was always trained to sing R&B and pop.”

“I realized that it is not my voice that cannot sing this type of music. I was afraid to sing this type of music because I was not sure what people would think,” she added.

Smith also plays guitar on the next project, which was also inspired to do so by his mother’s band. The singer-songwriter, who has played guitar since she was 14 years old, stressed the importance of playing an instrument when writing and playing music.

“Personally, I feel that playing an instrument is very important if you are going to have a career in music,” he shared. “Writing songs is 15 million times easier when you can actually write the songs.”

“Transparent Soul” featuring Travis Barker is now available on all music streaming platforms.


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