Willie Geist called the police at Tracy Morgan’s home while interviewing the comedian

Not all interviews go according to plan, even for a pro like Willie Geist. The 45-year-old host Sunday today with Willie Geist appeared on wednesday The Last Show with Stephen Colbert where he talked about an interview that went wrong.

It happened when he visited comedian Tracy Morgan’s home on the outskirts of New York for an interview that took place two years ago.

“After we talked, we walked outside. He wanted to show me his car collection,” Geist shared, noting that Morgan specifically wanted to show him his Lamborghini SUV. “So we go around the corner, Lambo is not there.”

After consulting with his staff, Morgan turned to Geist.

“He looks me in the eye and says, ‘Willie, call the police, someone stole my Lambo.’ So I’m at Tracy Morgan’s house, doing an interview with cameras around, and her Lambo has been stolen, “Geist recalled.” So we called the police. I’m the guy who just met him, and I wave the cops down the street. “

Authorities were confused by the situation and asked Geist if it was his home.

“And I looked up at the palace and said, ‘Oh, this? No, no, no, I’m just here interviewing Tracy. ‘ And they tracked him down and it turned out that his Lambo had indeed been stolen, “Geist said.” So it was an eventful day with Tracy. ”

That wasn’t the only interesting thing that happened in the 30 Rock star house. Geist also recalled interviewing Morgan in his office, which was a replica of Don Corleone’s office from The Godfather.

“If you look closely in the trophy case, there is an Emmy, an Oscar and a Heisman trophy in the Tracy Morgan case,” Geist shared about the honor of college football. “And I said, ‘Tracy, what’s going on there?’ And he said, ‘Willie, this is America. Money talks,’ which I think means he bought him the Heisman trophy from someone. I’m not entirely clear on that. ”


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