Will Tom Holland be James Bond? This is what the Spider-Man actor said

Tom Holland already has a history in action movies and everything seems to indicate that ehe protagonist of Spider-Man has several roles in his sights, including that of James Bond.

Holland, originally from the United Kingdom and who is currently 24 years old, has shown his versatility, because, in addition to Spider-Man, the role by which everyone identifies him, he has shown his talent in The impossible, The Devil at All Hours and in the projects to be released Uncharted (video game) and Cherry (movie).

And during a recent interview with Variety magazine, the British actor expressed his desire to play the role of James Bond.

When asked what projects he is going to develop and what role he would like to play, this was the actor’s response:

I have two roles that I will be playing in the next few years that I am very excited about, but I still can’t talk about them. But I mean, at the end of the day, like any young British man who loves movies: I would love to be James Bond.

You know, I’m letting people know. I look pretty good in a suit.

Although the young man said it as a joke, it could also be a way of telling the producers that he does not rule out playing that role.

Due to the coronavirus, the franchise of James Bond is on hiatus Well, the last film, starring Daniel Craig, has not been released in theaters.

About the next James Bond there are already several names that sound like candidates, among them Idris elba, Tom hardy, Richard Madden and now Tom holland.

Tell us if you would like to see Tom holland in the role of James Bond or who is the person you are most excited about for this role.

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