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February is a short month but it has its charms. And before leaving he will leave the bright one in the sky Full Snow Moon. What is the name?

The next Full Moon will peak in the early morning hours of Saturday, February 27, exactly at at 3:19 A.M ITS T.

Why is it called Snow Moon in February?

In accordance with The Old Farmer’s Almanac Native Americans and Europeans agreed that this is the season of heavier snowfalls.

In the case of U.S, February is the month with the highest amount of snow among all winter months, according to data from the National Meteorological Service. In 2021 this is not in doubt, due to the heavy snowfalls that have covered areas with white where snow is usually not seen.

But this February Full Moon has other names. Very similar to what happened with the January Moon or Lobo Moon, in February there are also animals that are related to the moon.

Thus, other mentions in various towns are:

  • Bald eagle moon or Eagle moon.
  • Bear moon (Bear Moon) or Black Bear Moon, referring to the time when bear cubs are born.
  • Raccoon Moon.
  • Groundhog Moon.
  • Goose Moon.
  • Hungry moon (Hungry Moon), remembering the difficulties of getting food at that time.

One of the most relevant things to mention about this moon is that it is also called Chinese Lantern Festival Moon, as it coincides with the closing of the Chinese New Year or Lunar Year festivities.

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