Why is the ideal partner called a better half?

Among so many sweeter fruits that could represent love, the orange was chosen. Where did it come from calling the ideal partner?

We have all agreed to say better half to the perfect couple, but few know who was the first person to make this denomination.

Origin of the better half as an ideal partner

The greek philosopher Plato he wrote around 380 BC. his work “The banquet”. It is famous because it concentrates several ideas about love, since it has dialogues in honor of Eros, the Greek god of love.

In The banquet one of the characters named Aristophanes explains that human beings were originally round like the oranges He defined them as androgynous, that is to say, that in the same body it gathered a man and a woman. He said that these two people were joined at the back, with two faces, four arms and four legs, and they lived in complete happiness and fulfillment.

But this idea frightened the gods and they wanted to send them a punishment. The God Thor in the midst of his anger he wanted to kill them with a hammer. But Zeus, the god of thunder, thought that a punishment greater would be split them with its rays in half, separating them into individual beings: with one head, two arms and two legs.

Then the gods caused a great storm and a strong hurricane and drove them away from each other. Since then each better half is lost and destined to find his other half to feel whole again.

And although for many this is a myth, human beings are in a permanent search for that perfect partner.

Summary of “The Banquet”, by Plato

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