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According to critics, there are at least 3 reasons why the movie “Mank” managed to collect the highest number of nominations for the Golden Globes Award.

The film, narrated entirely in black and white, was nominated for best drama film; Best Actor (Gary Oldman); Best Director (David Fincher); Best Supporting Actress (Amanda Seyfried); Best Original Music and Best Screenplay (Jack Fincher).

Now, of these nominations, which ones really honor the film’s success?

3 pivotal Mank nominations for the Golden Globes

1. Mank is a story of great stature

This movie is a drama about the co-writer of “Citizen Kane”(“ Citizen Kane ”), Herman Mankiewicz. His first guaranteed success has to do with emerging from one of the most successful films in film history. On the other hand, it narrates the conflict between the scriptwriters of the classic film, since before winning the Oscar, director Orson Welles did not recognize Mankiewicz’s work but as that of a “collaborator” instead of appearing as a “co-writer”. In Mank, Fincher goes for the version that Mankiewicz is the real author.

2. Gary Oldman’s best performance

Many critics point out that this movie is possibly Gary Oldman’s best performance to date. The Oscar winner for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the movie ‘The Darkest Hours’ plays the co-writer of “Citizen Kane”, and he does it in a very flawless way.

3. David Fincher colored a black and white story

This play was written by the director’s father, David Fincher, before he died in 2003. This is why the director undoubtedly put a lot of effort into bringing to life the script of his late father, Jack Fincher. And it really seems to have been successful in its attempt, delayed by several years so that it could bring it to the black and white screen, an achievement in which Netflix had a lot to do.

It is definitely a classic that is worth watching, since din is definitely shaping up to be among the favorites of the Academy Awards.

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