Why Fans Think ‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan Could Get Back Together

Is there still hope for the Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan romance? Fans seem to think so, after discovering the couple’s recent reunion on social media.

The former couple, who began dating last spring after meeting in their stint of The Bachelor,ended their relationship just before New Years. However, they were later spotted at the same Super Bowl LV parties and appeared to meet again in New York City on Tuesday night.

Eagle-eyed fans noted that both Peter and Kelley posted to their Instagram story from inside Good Bar in Brooklyn. The couple planned to move to New York together before their breakup, and Peter has since moved there alone. Meanwhile, Kelley posted on her Instagram story Tuesday that she was also ready to make the switch and asked for fans’ help deciding between three apartments.

As for what led to Peter and Kelley’s breakup in December, a source told ET that it all came down to family issues, and things fell apart for the two of them before their long-planned move.

“The move was the last straw on some ongoing issues in their relationship; the biggest of which was that they weren’t on the same page about how they approached relationships,” the source explained, adding: Peter, that’s not It was happening “.

The source also noted that Peter’s mother, Barb, was a “major problem” in their relationship.

“Barb was very involved and was expected to be a top priority within Peter and Kelley’s relationship,” the source said.

In an exclusive statement to ET, Peter said: “Kelley and I broke up two weeks ago. I flew to Chicago and broke up, so my mother really encouraged us to be in the relationship if we wanted to and not. Kelley and I operated on two different frequencies, and one is not better or worse than the other; we are just two different people, and those differences came after eight months of dating. But I loved her like crazy, and my mom really cared about her. “

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