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Selena quintanilla perez, a April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas, His early death at the age of 23 from a murder perpetrated by the president of her fan club, certainly, truncated a career that promised not find a ceiling in the short term.

He took his first musical steps alongside his brothers Susette and Abraham Quintanilla III. The group became known under the name Selena y Los Dinos. As a consequence of her musical occupations, Selena continued and finished her secondary studies via correspondence at the American school.

In the year 1985 Selena records her first album hired by a record company in his city, although it would not be sold in stores and later, in 1995, the year of his death, it would be republished as My First Recordings. In 1986 his second album is released, Alpha. In 1987 a first great recognition of the musical environment of her community arrives: best female vocalist in the Tejano Music Awards.

Also, Selena, dabbled in fashion throwing her own clothing brand and in acting, participating in the novel Two Women and One Way, starring Erik Estrada from the series Chips.

Yolanda Saldívar, a young woman with whom I had started a friendly relationship back in the year 1990 and that in addition to being president of her club fanatics worked for her within the framework of her clothing line, she murders her point-blank in a motel after Selena informs her of the decision to dissociate her from her firm.

The best story of your life professional and personal that has been made was in the cinema, the film Selena, starring the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez in the role of Selena herself.

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