Who is youtuber Gabbie Hanna and why is she being criticized?

Many wonder why the youtuber and American singer Gabbie hanna became a trend on Twitter, where hundreds of users post memes and harsh comments about the influencer.

The creator who rose to fame with her YouTube show “The Gabbie Show”, faces a series of reactions about his poetry book “Adultlescence”.

Even if his poetic book has been on the market for more than 3 years, it is just now that it has become a topic of conversation because the influencer made a post on Twitter where he talked about what his way of writing poetry was like.

Gabbie Hanna compared her writing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, user criticism focused on the poetry book saying comments such as: “They look like text messages” Y “It’s terrible and a garbage dump of poetry.”

Many users cited verses from the collection of poems such as “family are relatives” to make fun of the influencer, who also spoke out on Twitter in the face of criticism.

I still can’t believe I wrote a fun, interesting, thematic poetry book on sexual assault, mortality, child abuse, mental illness, and suicidal thoughts as my first pitch, and all the people who wanted to share was “link in bio” and ” family are related ”,

Gabbie Hanna said on Twiiter.

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