Who is Rix and who is Nath Campos?

This afternoon the names of Rix and Nath Campos have become a trend, we explain why and who each one is.

Nath Campos is a Mexican influencer and youtuber who, through a video, denounced sexual abuse by Rix.

As Nath herself commented in the video, all this happened while his millions of followers believed that both were friends, but in reality Nath was dealing with the aftermath of Rix’s abuse.

Ricardo Gonzalez, Rix’s real name, He is originally from Mexico City and began to gain popularity around 2014, through the platform Came.

On his YouTube channel he has 2.29 million subscribers, while on Instagram 1.9 million and on Twitter 2.2 million followers.

For her part, Nath Campos is also a youtuber and influencer who, like Rix, began to gain popularity through Vine and on other platforms.

Nath Campos has 2 million followers on Twitter, 3 million on Instagram, and 2.21 million subscribers on YouTube.

She is the daughter of musician and composer Kiko CamposFurthermore, Nath is an actress and singer and attended CEA Televisa. Has participated in No because I fall in love and is currently 25 years old.

Nath Campos and Rix met in 2013, before they both started making videos on Vine.

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