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Who is Joselyn Cano, the Mexican Kim Kardashian?

Joselyn Cano, also called the Mexican Kim Kardashian, died at the age of 29. The news was confirmed by AceShowbiz as well as her friend, the model, Lira Mercer. For those who do not know her, Joselyn Cano was a popular model and swimwear designer, who he had nearly 13 million followers on Instagram. Upon hearing the news, users of social networks paid emotional tributes and messages to Cano.

Daily Mail claims the 29-year-old passed away on December 7, but it wasn’t until December 16 that her friend, Mercer, released the sad news. It was precisely on the 7th when Cano uploaded his last photo to Instagram.

The influencer passed away after cosmetic surgery

According to data from The Sun, Joselyn died after a failed butt lift surgery. He reportedly died on December 7 after traveling to Colombia for the procedure, according to the publication.

Her friend Lira Mercer paid her an emotional tribute on Twitter and sent prayers to her family during this difficult time, saying, “You looked so good, wow, prayers to your family. She was so sweet. “

Who was Joselyn Cano?

Joselyn Cano was a model, influencer and fashion designer. The young woman resided in Newport Beach, California and studied Microbiology at San Diego State University.

Who was Joselyn Cano, the Mexican Kim Kardashian?
Image: Instagram @joselyncano

Joselyn rose to stardom primarily for creating content on social networks with a very sexy image.

During her short career, the influencer amassed almost 13 million followers on Instagram and just over 80,000 followers on Twitter. Her followers used to refer to her as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” because of her voluptuous body and long hair.