Who is Derrick Jaxn and why did he unleash memes?

At the beginning of March Candice De Medeiros spoke with the blogger Tasha K about having an affair with Derrick Jaxn and it quickly became a trend and unleashed a wave of memes, that’s why we tell you who he is.

According to Candice, she thought Derrick had separated from his wife, as well detailed visits to his home and a weekend trip to Miami in June of last year.

A few hours ago, Derrick Jaxn admitted to infidelity to his wife Da’Naia Jackson in a video through his Instagram account, where he has more than 1.3 million followers.

Sitting next to his wife, Derrick confirmed that he is not the victim, having previously uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, where he has more than 750 thousand subscribers, saying that he had not been unfaithful, because he was separated, however, he already accepted that he did have sexual relations outside of his marriage.

For his part, his wife Da’Naia explained that she left him when she found out about the infidelity, but that they returned when she noticed a “change” in his behavior.

However, this video, in which Jaxn publicly accepted her infidelity, quickly unleashed a wave of memes.

Who is Derrick Jaxn?

Jaxn, from 31 years, is a influencer and writer, who has created a business based on advising people on how to live healthy relationships.

Through his videos, he tackles common relationship problems, from narcissism to infidelity.

Ironically, Derrick is the author of the book A Cheatings Man’s Heart (The heart of an unfaithful man) and Don’t forget your crown.

Derrick memes

Twitter users, especially, found the video in which he apologized and accepted his infidelity with irony.

People could not help pointing out his wife’s uncomfortableness in the video and, they consider that he only used it to clean up his image.

It has also caught their attention that all his videos on Instagram are made in his car, for which they have pointed out:

Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense for Derrick Jaxn to do all of his videos in his car. He knows perfectly well that he cannot lie at home in front of his wife. ”

“What if Derrick Jaxn’s wife kicked him out of their house a long time ago and he’s been living in her car all this time.”

“Derrick Jaxn in his car warning women about certain types of men”

“No, Derrick Jaxn being unfaithful to his wife for years with his platform built on ‘healthy realities.’ Men always surprise me ”.

“So all this time Derrick was making videos in his car he was either going to be unfaithful or he was coming back from cheating.”

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