Who are the real Daft Punk and how did they design their helmets?

Daft Punk, the French electronic duo that has dominated the charts for 28 years, never showed their face. And these are some of the reasons.

The duo, formed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo they always appeared in robot suits and helmets. And the couple was always recognized by a golden helmet and a silver helmet. Daft Punk always wore his formal robot attire in almost every public appearance but the face of its members is a total enigma.

Who are the real Daft Punk and how did they design their helmets?
Image: Twitter @daft_Wub

What else is known about them? What both musicians are in their 40s and on very rare occasions did they give interviews or appear on television.

And although their appearance changed over time, the duo always followed the general rule of not appearing in videos. At first the musicians used to wear masks to hide their faces. They also preferred to be replaced by animations or have their faces darkened in photographs. In fact, there are very few official photos of both.

Later with their image as futuristic robots was how they were recognized. And they used to attend photo shoots, interviews, live shows and in their music videos like that. Their cases became the center of attention.

How was the design of the Daft Punk cases?

Their famous helmets were designed by Tony Gardner and Alterian, Inc. These sports helmets contain LED effects and are accompanied by metallic gloves. The duo introduced those suits and helmets to viewers through an advertisement promoting their new videos during the Cartoon Network block, according to Wikipedia data.

Luke Perez, through the Daft Punk Fandom Twitter account, shares a series of sketches and photos through which he explains the evolution of the group’s robot helmets. Perez, who considers himself a historian of the duo, shows a chronology of the creation of these iconic helmets. Do not miss it!

Daft Punk has said that they used the masks to easily combine the characteristics of humans with machines. And that in the beginning the suits were the result of shyness, said Bangalter.

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