When is Star Wars Day? Why is that date celebrated?

Since 1979, May 4 has been known as the Star wars day, and although the date does not seem to have much importance at first impact, the truth is that it does not has nothing to do with any commemoration of the sagto; however it does have an interesting history.

The first movie in the universe created by George Lucas saw the light on May 25, 1977 and from that moment a legion of fans began to be born that more than 40 years away continues to grow. With the popularity of the saga, it was not uncommon for popular references to start and talk about this film everywhere.

However, Star Wars didn’t have an official day to celebrate, but two years after its premiere (1979) an event occurred that indirectly marked the history of the franchise and gave it its own day.

“May the force be with youThe most famous phrase in the saga was first spoken by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Margaret Thatcher, was invested first UK Minister on May 4 of that year. To celebrate, his colleagues from the Conservative Party sent him a note that was published by the London Evening News.

In this message you could read “May the 4th be with you, Maggie. Congratulations “, what it was a play on words associated with Star Wars “May the force be with you” (may the force be with you), the most iconic phrase of the film that was released two years earlier.

May 4 is officially declared Star Wars Day

Unrelated to the ideology of English politics, Star Wars fans appropriated the phrase and the date; and although since then they began to hold some meetings and celebrations every May 4, it was until 2011 when it was taken as something global.

It was so that year, in Toronto, Canada, a marathon of the first six movies was held and with that the May 4 as Star Wars Day around the world, even being accepted by George Lucas and Lucasfilm creator and producer of the saga.

Even in 2015, in the International Space Station watched a marathon from the tapes, accompanying the countless celebrations around the world.

With the arrival of Star Wars to Disney, on May 4 it has become more relevant, since in 2020 it was released the last chapter of Clone Wars and in this 2021 Bad Batch series to premiere.

Thus, every year, the fans of this story gather to commemorate the birth of a saga that changed science fiction, cinema and the lives of millions of followers.

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