When, how and what time to see the BTS concert on MTV Unplugged

This February 19 the group BTS will release a version of their album Be and a few days later the group from South Korea will have a concert on MTV Unplugged, so we tell you when, how and at what time to see the presentation.

This will be an opportunity to listen to the group without arrangements and to be able to enjoy their successes in this way.

When will BTS’s concert on MTV Unplugged be?

The concert will be released on the official channels of MTV and MTV Latin America on Tuesday, February 23, that is, next Tuesday.

The special, according to MTV in a statement, will be a perfect opportunity to dance and have fun.

What is the BTS concert schedule on MTV Unplugged?

Save the schedule, if you are in Mexico, the schedule is 8:00 PM, if you are in Colombia will be at 9:00 PM and, if you live in Argentina, the schedule is 11:00 PM.

What time will it be seen in North Carolina? The concert of the South Korean group will be at 9:00 PM.

The Bangtan Boys concert was recorded in advance from Seoul, so you can already see a little of what they will offer.

Here we leave you the statement made by MTV and the preview of what their concert will be like and what the format will be like. Now that you know the details of how to see the BTS concert for MTV Unplugged and at what time, tell us if you are excited and if you want to see them already.

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