What surprises will the Super Bowl LV ads bring us?

Each year, viewers not only want to watch the Super Bowl game, but also they also look forward to the announcements that are transmitted there. This year will not be the exception.

But this year it will be different. Between the pandemic, the presidential election, the riots, and general uncertainty, everything changed. This year advertisers have decided to be cautious. These seek to promote their brands to a tired audience seeking solace and escape, but without crossing any lines.

“Comfort is key,” said Charles Taylor, a marketing professor at Villanova University. “Being daring is going to attract attention, but you run the risk of leaving your comfort zone at a time when people have locked themselves in their homes and the economic situation is difficult for many.”

The prize for those who strike the right balance? The opportunity to enter the psyche and virtual conversations of viewers. An estimated 100 million of them will watch the broadcast of Super Bowl LV on CBS.

Super Bowl LV ads
This photograph provided by DoorDash shows a scene from the company’s ad for the NFL Super Bowl. (DoorDash via AP)

These are some of the surprises that some ads will offer

This year Will ferrell joins General Motors, with Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson, on a wild trip across the country to promote the company’s electric vehicles.

Amazon plays on sexual innuendo when a woman is distracted by her new voice assistant Alexa, who becomes actor Michael B. Jordan.

Additionally, Anheuser-Bush offers a hopeful look at a time when we can say again “Let’s have a beer” with friends and co-workers.

What is surely a first in Super Bowl history, there will be an announcement for Inspiration4, a SpaceX-backed civilian orbital tour. It will promote the opportunity for viewers to join the mission.

Super Bowl LV ads
In this photo provided by Tide, a scene from Tide’s commercial for Super Bowl 2021. (Tide via AP)

New companies to be announced this year at the Super Bowl

After big brands like Coca-Cola, Hyundai and Kia decided not to advertise In this edition of the Super Bowl, new companies rushed to fill those gaps.

This year’s big NFL game will have more than 20 first-time advertisers, more than double what he had last year. This year’s group includes companies that brought food to people’s doorsteps, enabled online purchases, and helped people work from home.

Among them are food delivery companies DoorDash and Uber Eats. The job site Indeed and the sale of used vehicles Vroom. There will also be announcements from the investment app that has drawn attention in recent weeks, Robin Hood, and the computer accessories company Logitech.

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