What is Crime Scene the vanishing at the cecil hotel about on Netflix?

Sure you already heard of Crime Scene, The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel from Netflix and is that it is one of the most anticipated docuseries and the one that the streaming platform has announced the most, so we tell you what it is about and what is the story of this terrifying hotel in the United States.

This series explores the case of Elisa Lam, a young woman who disappears without a trace after entering the known Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.

This site is known to have a history of fatalities at its facilities and it is speculated that at least 12 suicides have taken place here, in addition to murders and deaths without an apparent logical explanation.

This site, located in California, United States, was built in 1924 by William Amontona Hanner Y designed by Loy Lester Herrero; in 2011 Hotel Cecil changed its name to Stay on main and in 2014 it was sold to a New York hotelier.

The famous disappearance of Elisa Lam at Hotel Cecil, Los Angeles and her story on Netflix in Crime Scene

In 2013 the Cecil, which was already called Stay on Main, went viral, after a surveillance video of the elevator was released, where a young Canadian, named Elisa Lam, could be seen desperate.

In the material, Elisa Lam appears desperately pressing the elevator buttons, going in and out of it several times.

The elevator door never closes, but it seems like Elisa was looking to hide from something or someone, although what she was observing never appears in the images.

After spending a couple of days without communicating with his family, in Canada, Elisa’s parents decided to report their daughter to the Los Angeles police.

Although Elisa was searched around and inside the hotel, she was not found and That story went viral at the time, raising conspiracy theories and doubts about what would have happened.

Days after, Elisa Lam’s body was found without clothes in one of the water tanks on the roof of the hotel, after guests complained about the strange taste of the water and the low pressure.

Now, Netflix series Crime Scene The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel explores what happened and seeks a logical answer and far from the sensationalism that the case has had.

Around the hotel there are several stories of murder and terror, including Serial killer Richard Ramírez, nicknamed The Night Stalker, is believed to have been staying at this site.

Among the references to this hotel is one of the seasons of American horror story, starring Lady Gaga, and where this space was taken as a reference.

Here we leave you the trailer of Netflix, Crime Scene, The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, which explores the case of Elisa Lam and is now available on the streaming platform.

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