What happened to Marcela Basteri? Tatiana says she drowned in Europe

Tatiana assures that Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela Basteri, drowned in Europe.

The question of What happened to Luis Miguel’s mother? has resurfaced before the premiere of the second season of Luis Miguel: The Series, after the first season ended with the mystery of the disappearance of Marcela Basteri.

Recently, Tatiana “The queen of all children”, assured the Ventaneando program that Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel’s mother, died many years ago.

According to Tatiana, she was in Europe when she was contacted by Luisito Rey, Luis Miguel’s father, to please accompany his youngest son, Sergio, back to Mexico.

We did not know that the child was already returning to Mexico forever. I think Luis Miguel didn’t even know, ”said Tatiana.

Likewise, the children’s music star said it was an open secret that Luis Miguel’s mother had drowned and that she believes that at that time she was already dead.

I think she was no longer alive, Marcela, because that was very strange for us, that (Sergio) was going to Mexico without his mother, which we all know is not alive.

It was an open secret among the artistic medium, within the important people of television and the media. It was known that she had died at a party in Italy or in Spain, I don’t remember, drowned in a pool, that’s what I know ”, said Tatiana.

Tatiana shared the same label as Luis Miguel, when they were teenagers, so she already knew “El Sol” and his family.

Here is the interview where Tatiana spoke about Marcela Basteri (minute 29:00).

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